Suddenly — shashlik!

Every shashlik-lover has its own way of marinating the meat. People usually marinate in wine, vinegar, a beer and kefir. With the massive use of spices and flavorings, as well as long soaking. But really good, fresh meat may very well do without the «jewels».

Today I’ll show you how to cook shashlik quick and easy. Moreover, I am going to cook such shashlik, in which the meat will keep all aspects of taste and the spices will underline the taste. The recipe is Georgian, therefore it is original.


At first we need a perfectly clean dishes. This is an important condition. Board, a knife, a container for the meat: everything must be sterile.

Then the meat itself. I recommend to buy the beef. The most soft parts are tenderloin, top or bottom edge. The amount of meat depends on the number of guests. For example, for 5 persons it would be 1,5 kg.

2 hours before cooking cut the meat to pieces and add to bowl.

Now seasonings:

Black pepper — teaspoon.

Coriander (cilantro) — 2 teaspoons.

Cumin (Zeera) – teaspoon.

Add salt according to taste, but it is better not to overdo with it.


And now we call a friend with a liter of bottle Borjomi.

Carefully pour 500 ml of Borjomi in the meat and gently knead with hands, so the meat will be soaked well with seasonings and water.


Important! Prepared meat should be left at room temperature. This will help reduce the cooking time and increase the juiciness.

Now we wait for 2 hours and — voila! The meat is ready for frying.


And now, tips for those who have never grilled shashlik. On what wood shall we fry it? Certainly, the most «delicious» coals are obtained on the wood of fruit trees.

Is not a problem if you are at the country cottage. The coals of the grill should have a good flare and be white. So we move the coals to the edges and put the skewers with meat.

Pour the remaining marinade into the bottle of Borjomi. We will splash with this mixture the skewers if the coals flare up. Shashlik must be constantly waved, so warm will spread evenly. As soon as shashlik begins to “make noise”, we should overturn the skewer to prevent the flowing out of the meat juice and fat. You can also fry the tomatoes, onion and eggplant on the separate skewers. It would be a perfect garnish from the grilled vegetables. Many people alternate the vegetables with meat, but I do not recommend it. It is better to cook meat and roasted vegetables separately. Only in such case they retain their original taste.

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