Probably you have heard about the national Greek dish – moussaka. The base of moussaka is minced meat and eggplants. According to the Greek tradition, all ingredients are put in layers on the baking tray and baked. I have my own modified recipe with such Greek name. The dish should be cooked in the cauldron, whether a in small home cauldron or a huge cottage one for a big campaign for cooking on the campfire.

So, the recipe for a big campaign:

1.5 kg of beef

1.5 kg of white onion

1,5 kg of eggplants

1 kg of tomatoes

1 kg of pepper

A spicy pepper

2 heads of garlic

1 bunch of red basil

1 glass of Borjomi

1 cup dry white wine

Gathers the helpers, open a bottle of Borjomi and start preparing food.

Cut meat into small pieces, onion in large semi-rings, eggplant- in rings of 0,5 mm. Before cooking wash in a colander the sliced eggplants and salt them well to avoid their bitterness. Cut tomatoes into rings, pepper into semirings, hot pepper carefully chop (better wear gloves), clean the garlic.

It looks like this:


In large kettle pour 0.5 glass of vegetable oil, well heat the pan and throw the meat, fry for 5-10 minutes. Add the onion and continue to fry with onion, then salt, add pepper, and add hot peppers. Fry for 5 minutes.

After that the layers should be laid with vegetables: eggplants, pepper, garlic cloves and tomatoes.

During the process of laying carefully salt the layer with eggplants and tomatoes.  Add chopped basil on the top, pour 1 cup of Borjomi and 1 cup of dry white wine and cover the lid. «Borjomi» will make the meat tender and the wine will add nice flavor. The fire should be medium. After 20 minutes look under the cover and try to plug the eggplant. If the eggplants are ready, you can begin the feast. In any case try not to mix, but get out the moussaka using 2 wide shovels, just to keep those layers on the plate.

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