Why am I in Prague and not Paris or Hanover? My friends often ask me: “Why among all the cities you chose Prague and sat down here? For you had the opportunity to go anywhere, even in New Zealand!” I shall answer. Prague conquered me once and for all.

Firstly, Prague is a very beautiful city. Yards, streets, roofs, gardens and parks, the majestic Vltava. Old Town, New Town, Hradcany, Petrin and Prague Castle. I cannot name all the places. You can add to all these things the tastiest beer in the world, good kitchen and you will get the perfect cocktail.

Secondly, People.

Among Russian tourists there are terrible tales about wicked Czechs: when they hear Russian speech, they begin to play dirty. So, this is bullshit. Maybe there are some idiots, but each country has idiots. Usually, the treatment of Russians is very good. Czechs are very friendly people. After the arrival in Prague I once walked from my apartment to the store and got lost. Well, I did not know the city and that’s it. I walked around the streets for an hour and finally decided to ask the Czech the way to the house. That time I didn’t know the Czech language. So I asked in Russian. And he helped me. By the way, he spoke Russian (!) better than I speak Czech now. It turns out that he studied Russian at school. Young people certainly do not know our language, but they do not show any aggression. Only old men and old ladies remember Khrushchev’s tanks on the streets of Prague.

There is another important point: you can walk without fear with a lot of money even at night. You can walk at night, sipping Borjomi from a bottle, and no one will disturb or hurt you. Such things will not happen in Moscow, Kiev or Donetsk.))) Europe … )

And now I am in Prague. The door of my café is always open for you. I always have a bottle of Borjomi in the refrigerator, so the nostalgia doesn’t worry me.


So if someday you will come to the capital of the Czech Republic, remember, that I am always happy to see the guests.


P.S. If you have any questions about Prague, just ask. I will answer you as soon as possible.


Look, how this city cannot be loved?




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