Hello again to you from the capital city Prague! Today I’m going to tell you some information about the distances, sights and the bottles of Borjomi. Once I went on an excursion to the Crimea. And we had a very remarkable guide. He told us a lot of interesting about the history of Crimea, the sights, and of course, about the Crimean wines. From the whole story I only remember one phrase:

— Over the last year in one of the Crimean wineries were spilled so much wine bottles, that if you put them into a wall height of one meter, the length of the wall would be …

Then the guide said about the figure, which I do not remember. And now, the other day, I remembered this guide and I thought how Prague would look like in bottles of Borjomi. So I armed with a calculator, a bottle of Borjomi and guide-book. I sat down to count. So, my friends, here are the results I got.


Charles Bridge


It is the most famous symbol of Prague, of which only the illiterate do not know. Its length is 2,311 bottles of Borjomi, width — 44 bottles. The bridge is decorated with lots of beautiful medieval statues, some of which grant the wishes.



St. Vitus Cathedral


Prague’s main cathedral is located on the territory of Prague Castle. The length of the main nave of the cathedral is 551 bottles of Borjomi. The height of the Great South Tower is 431 bottles. On the western side there are two neo-Gothic stone towers; height of each is 364 bottles of Borjomi. There is a window in the form of rosettes between them. The diameter of the window is 44 bottles of Borjomi. Unfortunately, the beauty of the cathedral is not measured in bottles.



Wenceslas Square


It is the central area of the city. It had been a horse fair, but some time later it has become the central. The length of the square is 3,333 bottles of Borjomi; the width in the upper part is 280 bottles of Borjomi, and on the bottom it is 231 bottles. Wenceslas Square has 45 thousand m ² of land. So, at the Central Square of Prague you can set the battery of 1.25 million bottles of Borjomi. Wow, so many.



National Museum


The Museum of Science and History and the Library are located on Wenceslas Square. The height of building of the National Museum is311 bottles of Borjomi and the length of the façade is 445 bottles.



The Petřín Lookout Tower


A copy of the Eiffel Tower.  It is the first Czech TV tower. The original height of the tower is 267 bottles of Borjomi. After the installation of television antenna in 1953 it had grown by 20 meters. And now the height of it is 335 bottles. There is a wonderful panorama of Prague from the lookout tower, which is situated at an altitude of 244 bottles.



Powder Tower


It is situated on the Republic Square. The height of tower is 289 classic half-liter bottles of Borjomi. There is the permanent exhibition inside the tower. There is also observation deck in the tower, which has a spiral staircase with 186 steps, at a height of 195 bottles of Borjomi. Well, I don’t know how to transform the steps into bottles.))



So, it was our day trip to Prague. If I made mistakes in my calculations, please, correct me. Nobody is perfect. .. Well, except the bottle of Borjomi, of course ..))))

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