Today let’s talk about the most mysterious thing in Borjomi — water. How did the water come on our planet?

There are many sources that suggest a lot of theories. Nobody knows whether the appearance of water caused by the divine nature or by the cosmic nature (water is included in the structure of the comet matter). No one probably has been confirmed. Water is one of the most amazing creations; it continues to amaze even the world-renowned scientists.

The curative properties of water have been known since antiquity. According to the oldest scientific treatises, the sanctuaries of god Asclepius had been built near the sacred springs. The Romans did not lag behind by organizing the worship of Aesculapius (the god of healing art). The temples had been set out near the natural springs. All the waters spurting from the earth were considered to be sacred. They made people healthier, cleaned and even brought nearer the common man to the divine.

Ancient baths of mineral water were found in the Caucasus. Here people have been washed; also they treated themselves for different illness and cleaned the souls calling mineral water “Water of bogatyrs”. Not for nothing in fairy tales of our region water of life was quite usual magic like the invisible cap or an apple of sleeping beauty.

Being unexplored, the water keeps many secrets. The latest investigations show that water restores energy potential of a person even during a simple washing. Nobody knows how many years will pass before we know all its secrets. But now in our hands there is one of its most important powers – to prolong life.

And what secrets do you know about water? And what else would you like to know?

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