Californian Salad (salad with bacon)


1 bunch of ruccola, 1 bunch of sheet salad, 80-100 grams of  cedar nutlets, 8-10 strips of cut bacon, 1 avocado, 2-3 spoons of any vegetable oil, 120 grams of cheese «Torgonzola» (or any blue cheese), 1 table of wine vinegar, 4-6 table spoons of olive oil, a pinch provances grasses, 10 peas of black pepper (grind), pinch salt.

Wash up and dry up properly salad leaves. Fry slightly cedar nutlets. In a frying pan pour 2-3 table spoons of any vegetable oil and fry in it bacon. Lay out bacon on a paper towel to get rid of superfluous fat. 60 grams of cheese remember in a plate a plug, add 1 spoon of wine vinegar, mix, then 4-6 table spoons of olive, a generous pinch provances grasses, black pepper, it is a little salt. Mix properly refueling. Lay out salad leaves on the big plate, from above strew cedar nutlets, lay bacon, the remained cheese cut cubes and also put on salad leaves. Remove a peel from avocado, take out stones, a spoon form of pulp small balls and stack on salad. Water salad with seasoning.


Salad from ruccola with a pumpkin



Products: ruccola 200 grams, ham packing, cheese «Parmesan», 100 gr of the fried sunflower or pumpkin seeds, salt, pepper,  coriander, olive oil.

Refueling to salad: Mix a pinch of salt, ground pepper and a coriander, 5-6 table spoons of olive oil, 2-3 spoons of balsam vinegar.


Roll in a pumpkin in salt, pepper, a coriander, olive oil, from above strew small cut garlic and bake in an oven of 25-30 minutes. Lay ruccola on the big dish, water with refueling, from above lay out a ham, largely polished cheese «Parmesan», sunflower seeds, slices of the baked pumpkin. Water once again with seasoning and several drops of balsam vinegar.


Blitz-salad with a pear and Roquefort cheese



Products: salad «Iceberg», 2-3 pears, a handful of walnuts, 2 spoons of honey, a lemon, roquefort cheese, 4 table spoons of olive oil.


Fry in honey a handful of walnuts, lay out nuts on a paper towel to prevent the sticking together.

Cut salad leaves to pieces. Cut pears into thin slices and sprinkle them withlemon juice. Mix pears with salad, add Roquefort cheese and mint.

Make the seasoning: mix 4 table spoons of olive oil,  juice of half of lemon, salt.

Add seasoning into salad. Mix all, add nuts.


Salad with grapes


Products: 5 onions , 5 table spoons of wine vinegar, 2 bunches of salad «Lolo Rosso», 200 gr of grapes without stones, a small bunch of estragon, 100 gr of goat cheese, 5-6 spoons of olive oil, salt, pepper.

Cut onions into cubes and presoak them in vinegar for 10 minutes. Cut salad leaves, add grapes and estragon leaves. Make seasoning of vinegar in which the onions were pickled, 5-6 spoons of olive oil, salt and pepper. Fill the salad, carefully mix, strew goat cheese above the salad.

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