So, let’s begin our little mystical journey, my friends. We need to provide ourselves with a map of Prague and a bottle of Borjomi. Let’s hit the road.

We will begin today’s sightseeing in the mystical place in Prague in the Jewish town. Jewish city is a very old block, in which kabbalists, occultists and alchemists lived during the Middle Ages. One time they were patronized even by Emperor Rudolf II, who was a lover of the occult and alchemy. Sometimes the king appeared here incognito and met pundits for scientific discussions. It is easy to imagine by looking at all these narrow streets and walls of rough stone, that at night people call the spirits and boil gold from lead. Probably the most interesting place in the Jewish city is «Old-New Synagogue» on Červená street. According to legend, the angels from the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem brought the stones for its foundation. Also there are remains of Golem (clay man), that was created by Rabbi Maharal. Golem was intended to protect the Jewish commune, but it didn’t want to carry out the orders of a wise rabbi, so it was destroyed. Although, some say, that the Golem of Rabbi had escaped and it is still hiding somewhere in the back streets of Prague. By the way, some literary critics believe that the story of the Golem and its creator had been the basis of the novel M. Shelley “Frankenstein”.



The second famous mystical place in Prague is certainly Vysehrad. There are a lot of Czech legends connected with Vysehrad. Basically, these legends are associated with the antics of the devils and different evil spirits. Generally, in the Catholic tradition, there are no sprites, water creatures, gnomes or fairies or kobolds. Catholicism among the Slavic peoples was dictated. So. About the devils.


There is an interesting artifact In Vysegrad. It is located behind the Petropavlosvk church. Devil’s Pillar. According to legend, in XVII-XVIII century pillar was brought by the devil from Rome. The legend is silent about the reason of this weird action. Historians believe that the pillar was used by the Slavic pagan priests and that it had been an artifact of non-Catholic culture of the Czech Republic. The legend about this devil had been refuted by geologists long ago. According to the facts, the Devil’s Pillar comes from the tract «Devil’s burden» in Krganits, which is 30 km from Vysegrad.


But despite the facts, Devil’s Pillar remains a mysterious monument and a place of of pilgrimage of Satanists from all over the Europe.

Another interesting mysterious thing is located behind the Rotunda of St. Martin in Vysehrad. It is pagan menhir. As I said before, after the christening of the Czechs, all the signs of paganism were mercilessly destroyed. But it is a great mystery why this menhir remained intact. In addition to the pagan artifacts there are mystical places of Catholic period in Vysegrad. For example, the house of Dr. Faust, who was created by Goethe. Faust sold his soul to the devil and it ended badly.




And now the ghosts!

As you know, there are a lot of ghosts in Prague. At the Liechtenstein palace people sometimes see the ghost of beautiful young princess, who has sold his soul to the devil. Well, there is no originality, only devils ))) There is one scary ghost, who liked to walk on the dark streets at the Prague Loreto Fire Dog. They say no one survived the meeting with it. But there is the question: if no one has survived, who tell the stories?..  But this fact does not interfere The Fire Dog to walk at night on the back streets of Prague, inspiring fear on the citizens and visitors. Streets are so dark and narrow, that any lapdog can reduce to a heart attack.

On Charles Street at night you can meet a knight without a head and a black rider named Plague on a black horse. But it is more likely to find ghosts near the St. John the Baptist church between Rzhichnoy Street and Campo.

Well, the most famous Prague ghosts are «White lady», «A coach driven by headless horses with two black men”, and “Funeral Procession of nuns”.

Note. In our view the ghosts are lonely spirits. And here the whole troupes of ghosts are walking around!

In Prague there are so many ghosts, that even the police right up to the end of XIX century arranged a round-up to catch them (for example, big raid in 1874 in Podskali). But the police couldn’t manage to catch any of them. During my stay in Prague I haven’t seen anything mysterious like this. But you may have better luck. In fact, it is much more interesting to search for ghosts in night Prague, than to take pictures like «Greetings from …»

Well, if you would find nothing, come to my café. I can always find for you a bottle of cool Borjomi…)))

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