As I wrote before, mineral water, extracted from the depths of the land or groundwater sources, have been treated since ancient times. And it is not witches, but the most serious healers for centuries considered it as a medicine prescribed mineral water. Famous Thales of Miletus said that the water was the source of all things.

In ancient eposes is written about curative properties of Borjomi. Under the statement of historians and archeologists, in ancient times Borjomi was not only for drinking, but also was used for medical baths – the stone baths found during excavation dated the beginning of the first millenium A.D. The researches of the georgian historians I.Bagrationi and V.Esadze and many other materials confirm, that mineral waters from the gorge of Borjomi were used since I century A.D. till the end of XVI century. Moreover, were found medieval clay pipes laid to some sources of Borjomi. In the XVI-XVIII centuries, because of the numerous wars they have been forgotten for a long time and abandoned, and only in the XIX century, after the accession of Georgia to the Russian Empire, they again drew attention.

Indian sages, founders of Ayurveda and Susa-rue, used water from sources like a treatment of many diseases. Buddhists also treated by water not only the body, still singing about the water of the Ganges, the source of higher wisdom.


The most popular sources of Greece in the days of antiquity were famous for their magical abilities. Thermopylae, Amphiaraus, Mefana and Edeps were considered as gifts of the gods, and that is why they were accessible for rich and poor. Hippocrates was the first doctor who created the whole treatises of hydrotherapy; considered water to be the only tool which can cure, even when other methods are useless. The Romans (besides of their sources) liked to use for therapeutical purposes European Baden and Vichy.

Image of coat of arms of Baden

In the Middle Ages treating by mineral water became not only useful, but also fashionable. Charles the Great with retinue regularly came in Plomber and Ahen so loved by all courtyard. More close to Х and XI centuries were spread such curative sources as Kotre and Spa.

The water was a real panacea, ‘cause it treated a lot of different diseases. And not only the digestive tract — a regular procedure using mineral water cured nerve and skin diseases, arthritis and gout. The Catholics used the power of earthly gift.

The Mineral springs were divided among the monasteries (attendants of various catholic faiths).

Christians seriously began to worship mineral springs, making a sacrifice to water in the manner of the pagans. Only in the end of the 16th century ban on worship and sacrificial rites returned water the familiar place for recovery of the body and repose of the soul.

Peter the Great legalized the mineral springs of the Empire until the early 18th century. After his visit to the Spa, he worked out the project concerning searches and investigations of spring waters.

The first such water source were the healing waters of Olonets. But people could get there only by prescription of the healer; the treatment was provided and followed by special court physician.

Nowadays mineral water easy treats people in all corners of the Earth and doesn’t lose its magical properties. So, when you pampering yourself with another bottle of Borjomi, remember what a great power has every drop of water from underground sources of ancient Georgia!

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