One day my friends and I went fishing. There is a small private pond and a base not far from Prague. So, we arrived and settled. Took the gear and to went to the pond. We came, lured, put out a feeler. So we are sitting and meditating.


By the way, fishing in the Czech Republic is very right. I prefer carp fishing, but there is a lot of interesting to fish. So, we are sitting and waiting



My friend Martin on the left


Carp fishing is a meditative occupation. We have been sitting here for an hour, and then for an hour and nothing had happened. The fish doesn’t bite. But we are accustomed people. We are receiving an enjoyment from the process. But Martin is a very creative personality and he cannot sit in one place for more than five minutes. So he began to look for the entertainment. At first he was walking along the bank. Then he was looking at the lure. After that he said that today was not the “fishing” day and went to the house to prepare something to eat. He went and we were sitting.


As soon as we caught 2 carps we heard Martin screaming. So we threw the fishing rods and ran to the house to save Martin. After the incident with a bucket everybody reacts on his screaming only in one way.


Digression: The incident with the bucket.


Once we went to an exhibition of medieval armor and after that we sat in my café. So we are sitting, chatting and discussing the exhibition. Then we heard Martin screaming from the kitchen. We ran to the kitchen and saw that this miracle has put on a plastic bucket on the head. Martin wanted to feel like a knight in this “helmet’. He was screaming because it was impossible to take the bucket off. So, let’s go back to the story about fishing. We ran to the house and saw the smoke. Grabbed Martin and pulled him out from the house.

— What has happened? – we asked.

— Bacon has happened – he replied.

— Where did the smoke come from?

— Sleeping-bag is burning!

Dumb show.


It turns out that this dude had fried bacon on the electric stove, he had wrapped a frying pan into a sleeping bag in order to prevent the bacon from cooling down. After that he went to buy bread for sandwiches. Because of the fact, that there was not so much space in the house, Martin put the pan back on stove. Naively believing that he had turned the stove off. While he was rummaging in a bag, the sleeping-bag caught fire. But it is not the end. When he returned and discovered the fire Martin kept his head and began to put out the fire using everything that he could see. He saw sunflower oil. The fire became stronger. Martin began to rummage through our bags to search for water we brought with us. From all variety of bottles he has found my Borjomi and began to put out the fire.


The result of the story.


Minus: The burnt sleeping bag. Bungalow with a smell of smoke. Fine from the owners of base – 100 euro. And also spending the night in one car.



4 sandwiches with bacon.


As Boris Grebenshchikov once said: Why do we need such enemies when we have such friends?

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