So, you have already known the love story to mineral water. The bathing huts and hydrotherapy have successfully lived up to our days. Well, but who knows how and when people began to pack water and transport it to all parts of the world?

Borjomi of the Romanovs has quickly become famous. However, living near the resort or on the resort is impossible, and water is needed not only to those who can easily break away and go to such place.

Skilful pharmacist of the Borjomi military hospital, who was watching over health of patients in 1850, quickly realized the value of Borjomi. The enterprising doctor packed more than a thousand bottles by himself and took them to sell.

Successfully, I must say. Otherwise, who knows how many years it would take until the Borjomi finally arrives in stores and pharmacies! Even purified water is stored badly. In order to make the term of storage much longer, the chemist Joseph Priestley in 1767 successfully started to aerate the water. Borjomi has its own natural carbonation, so that the taste and quality haven’t changed during all this centuries.

In 1894 Mikhail Romanov simplified the task and has built the factory directly in the park of mineral waters. The factory had been working actively until 50-s of XX century, pouring into a dark green bottle the well-known by that time water Borjomi.

In 1896 the first glass factory was opened. The bottles had been blown out by hand until 1950.

The first bottles of Borjomi you can see on these pictures. The color and the form were the same as the bottles for sparkling wines. Apparently just to emphasize the exclusiveness and the value of the drink.

The real handmade production – even the covers of the bottles were manually sealed up by the original wax seal. Also there was shown a deer — the legendary symbol of Borjomi.

There is also the interesting fact, that the first Standard for mineral water after the revolution was based on the Borjomi. Since this time this water was considered to be the standard. The party elite, pop stars and other famous persons took exclusively Borjomi. It was that case, when prestige and health care walked hand in hand!

Since that time many things have changed. Borjomi bottle has acquired a corporate style and patented color Georgian Green (Georgia Green), the countries have divided and the standards have changed. But just the same Borjomi till nowadays is taken of the same locations and depths, where it has been mined since 1830.

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