Autumn in Prague is awesome!


Autumn in Prague is awesome. Those, who knows, will understand. «Ah! I wish I could be Gauguin! Well, or at least Claude Monet? «- that what I am thinking about sitting at the counter in a half-empty bar. And suddenly I hear woman’s voice:  —  Could you make me Borjomi with warm milk in proportion to 1:1?

Redhead in a silk scarf. Pure Russian language. Mellow and slightly deep voice. That’s how I imagined the assistant of private detective of novels of Chase.

-How did you guess that I can speak Russian? – I hardly said, relentlessly falling in love. The stranger lifted her big eyes and looked at me in such way, that I finally understood why so many Czechs avoid Russians.

— Borjomi with warm milk in proportion to 1:1? Uh-huh? — She slowly repeated me when I was running to the fridge to get Borjomi. Three minutes later, I poured the warm milk and handed a glass of Borjomi to the visitor. She closed her eyes and (I started counting — one, two, three, four, five, six) in 6 sips she drained the glass. Then she opened her eyes, sighed and shook her hand as if she had drunk a glass of whisky. I gave her a napkin.

— Thanks, fuuuuuu! Well …! How much?

— We will pay if you tell us what it was, — I said, noting that the few visitors, Czechs, are curiously waiting for an answer to the question. Ha-ha! They usually pretend thet they do not understand in Russian.


In the end Marina told everything. She has caught a cold and the best remedy for cold, flu high temperature and other URI is warm milk with Borjomi. It tastes like all medications, but it has100% result.



P.S. On Monday the menu of my bar has a new position:


Ruská Koktejl (Borjomi a teplé mléko) 10 euro



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