So, let’s start!

These are my initial parameters again rechecked by the doctor – height 156 cm, weight 66 kg. I am 25 and I have managed to determine the desired parameters. To lose up to 46 kg doesn’t sound realistic to me at the moment – to meet the classical medical standards «height minus 110». I am a software developer and I work a lot.  I need strength, energy and proper brainwork to perform my work and I think that too intensive diet can reduce the above staffJ . This is how I look now (the pictures were taken a few days ago).


This is, so to say, the real evidence of the existing weight made at my house the day before.

And this is a rough plan of my diet for the next few days and the basic principles to which I am going to stick:

1.       I am going to drink still mineral water or just fresh water. The total liquid consumption should be sharp one and a half liters a day and if it is more than this the fat will not go away, otherwise- it will not excrete toxins which can cause a headache.

2.       The doctor told me, that due to the fat splitting our organism produce acid. Moreover, it slowly but definitely contributes to various troubles, from gastritis to premature aging, and even gastric juice itself is acid in its structure, and this component is responsible for hunger that I don’t need.  That is why it is desirable to drink alkaline water – for example, Borjomi.

3.       If a breakdown happens in the diet – do not arrange any starvation, and keep on following the diet from the interrupted point.

4.       DO NOT eat after 7p.m.:)

5.       Any vegetables are allowed except for the potatoes.  Chinese and ordinary cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, cucumbers, greenery, beet and carrots suit best for the purpose.

6.       The last day before the diet is the X –day. On this day I’ll eat at 16p.m. for the last time.

7.       I’m gonna  put anticellulite cream on the problematic zones two times a day during the first 20 days of the diet: in the morning and in the evening. Then I’m going to use it once a day for ten days, and then I’ll use it every other day within a month.

8.    The first three days of the diet I call “fasting days” in a full sense of the word, so be prepared to the information, which may seem even shocking…. And this is how I’ll begin my next post.

Wish me good luck! I am ready to begin my slimming!

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