The history of mineral water and the gorge of Borjomi always have been going hand in hand. Not for nothing the Great Queen Tamar called Borjomi the pearl of her crown. Beauty for beauty, wisdom for wisdom!

The 14th of May is a national holiday in Georgia called Tamaroba. This Day is dedicated to one the greatest georgian rulers — Queen Tamar («Tamara» is the Russian version of the name).

The great queen was descended from the ancient georgian Bagrationi dynasty. According to legend, Bagrat, one of the descendants of brother St. Joseph the Betrothed of Cleophas, moved to Byzantium in the sixth century. There he received the control of South Georgia, thus enabling the beginning of a great dynasty.

Tamar was the only daughter of George the Third and the daughter of the Ossetian king Burduhan. She has lost his mother when she was young, so the future queen was raised by his aunt. She was crowned when she became 17 with full rights of co-ruling, because George was too afraid of conspiracy. Immediately after the death of her father, when she was 20, Tamar became the sole queen of Georgia.

Beauty and the origin were only the pleasant addition to the incredible strength, extraordinary wit and wisdom of the young queen. The 12th and the 13th centuries were a “Golden Era” in the history of Georgia, because the queen has devoted her life to the country.

Her first husband, Yuri (the son of Alexander Bogolyubsky, Grand Duke of Vladimir), was chosen to strengthen the relations between Russia and Georgia. But  the newly-married couple couldn’t get on together and the king was accused of  sodomy and the abuse of the power.

His was not agreed with the accusation, so he gathered the army in Constantinople and decided to return the Georgian throne. The southern provinces of Georgia voted for king to be the one ruler, but the wisdom of Tamar allowed her to defeat the army of the treacherous husband.

The second time the Queen married her childhood friend David Soslan, son of the Ossetian king. The marriage was quite successful. David was educated and noble, also he became famous as the greatest military leader. With his help Tamar united the majority of Georgian lands into a single state. Two sons of Tamar and David became the next rulers of Georgia.

The queen not for nothing was proclaimed saint. The magnificent monuments, temples and fortresses were built throughout the country during her reign. All means that were received from the conquests were put into arts and culture development, construction of temples, roads and bridges. Poetry, writing and the improvement of their native language have reached extraordinary heights.

The gorge of Borjomi has become a major asset of the country, of which the Queen referred to the «pearl of her crown». Not far from her favorite place she has built the famous cave monastery complex where she loved to pray for a long time before an important decision. War or the suppression of revolt, excommunication of the worthless and the strengthening of fame of the writers — all that was done by Tamar brought fame to her. Georgia became so powerful and strong state she has never been before.

The last years of life Tamar spent in the monastery. To prevent the outrage upon her body on the night of the funeral from the Svetitskhoveli temple nine coffins were carried and buried in different parts of the country. The one thing to remain is a legend about the treasures of Middle Ages that were buried with her. In the hour of sorrow the queen will hear the supplications of her people and will come to the rescue. Shota Rustaveli dedicated to her his work «The Knight in Panther’s Skin», for he was in love with her. Because of a broken heart he took the monastic vows and went away from the country. That was Shota who wrote the phrase about Tamar: “Beautiful as a heavenly angel, insidious as a demon from hell!”.

The country’s first monument of the great Queen Tamar was opened in Akhaltsikhe (South Georgia).

The monument of Tamar

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