Today I’ll give you some useful tips. So. You are going to Prague. Except the traveling and sightseeing you want to make friends.


You will need:


1. Voucher at least for 5 days.

Because during the three-hour stop-off from Copenhagen to Warsaw you can’t make friends.


2. Language skills at the level of «Good morning — please.»

Most Czechs know English well and many speak Russian, but experience shows that if you will address to Czech in their native language, the relations will be better.



3. Knowledge of the Czech mentality.


Well, I don’t know much about the previous two paragraphs, but I can tell you a lot about Czech mentality.

At first, the Czechs are very formal people. Even on a personal level. They use informal “you” only when they address to close friends and relatives. To the rest people they use only the formal “You”.

Sometimes it is too ridiculous. For example, colleagues, who work together in one office for many years and see a lot, continue to address to each other in formal way like “Pan Husak”, “Pan Ruzicka”. Only in formal way. Even in intercourse with young people Czechs are true to their traditions.

Can you imagine, that 60-year-old madam could address to an 18-year old boy in formal “You”? I could not imagine. But the Czechs do it easily.



Secondly, you want to normally communicate with the Czechs, separate from the group. Czechs are very modest people. Especially the people of Prague. Also they refer to the tourists like a part of the urban landscape.


Thirdly. If you already had a conversation with a Czech. You shouldn’t compare the Czech Republic with your homeland. Czechs are very patriotic people and if a comparison would be not flattering, there will be no intercourse.

And finally, fourthly. The Czechs like all normal people love all kinds of souvenirs and gifts in general. Every Czech would be glad to receive something like a matreshka, a balalaika or bottle (or two bottles) of Borjomi. Borjomi in Czech Republic is considered to be the symbol of the former USSR, as well as the Grand Theatre or Gagarin.


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