So my tone today isn’t so positive as it was at the beginning, for I have already overcome the first three shoking (for me and for my organism) days of the diet. And if you think that the man, who had been on a diet, would have other feelings — you are profoundly wrong. The feelings are incredibly the same.But firstly let us look what I have had to eat.

That’s the scheme of the first day:

Breakfast. Make a mix of one and a half glass of water, 7 drops of lemon juice, tablespoon of honey and then quickly drain it in one gulp. After 10-15 minutes you can take a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. At first day it is bearable. And what is more, I know people who don’t have breakfast at all.

Dinner. Boiled poultry without rind and any raw vegetables. All this meal must not weigh more than 500 grams. Also you can divide the dinner in two parts: the first part you can eat at 12, and the second — at 3 o’clock. It’s normally even during the stress! You can really be fulled up with this.

Supper. It is not supper, it’s horror! 200 grams of cabbage (it’s something like a two small women’s fists) boil in 300 gram of water. It should be boiled for 20 minutes, and you must not add any spices! This broth must be taken during 30 minutes, so this torture is very slow. Try — and you will understand all by yourself. I don’t know what muck could be worse than this. All vitamins and microelements after 20 minutes of boiling remain in this ugly liquid, the cabbage can be thrown out — there is nothing health-giving in it. But some of my friends, for instance, ate the cabbage, because they were too hungry and wanted just to throw something into a yelling unhappy stomach. As for me, boiled unsalted cabbage is so nasty that I cannot eat it. Why must I do all this? According todietician, this is a preparation of organism to future limitations without harming the stomach. I remove superfluous water by doing this. In general, such broth is a very health-giving thing and could be popular among the followers of healthy lifestyle unless the taste was so rotten.Yeah, almost forgot to say that it is important to drink this before it get cold and be ready for diuretic effect. This trash is a part of all radical diets. If someone wants to become thin quickly — it’s recommended to drink instead of supper, and if someone wants to add an effect to the unradical diet -it should be taken sometimes.

Then I was sitting on so-called «Dolina’s diet», which includes kefir, curds, boiled unsalted poultry and potatoes. All in all it turns out for 400-500 grams of meal per day, half litre of kefir, litre and a half of other liquid (mineral water).

At present time my appearance is like that:

Now — as I am all in general perceive. For this purpose it is necessary to return a little back + In day Х till 16-00 I have eaten a piece of a pie and it was my «last farewell» to meal which I love (yes, I love fat, fried, smoked and sweet, differently we now here didn’t talk! . I remember this pie… till now with… hm… slightly masochistic tenderness. First three days of a diet — preparatory. Know, it’s like in an old joke about the first-grader who joyfully bore a satchel in school on 1st of September, and then came from school drowned in tears and told to parents: «Why you didn’t tell me, that all this muck is for 10 years ???». That’s like my organism. At present time it has understood not much, but already, to put it mildly, is slightly shocked by an event. It sends to a brain inquiries «I want to eat + nooooooo + not eat, I want to GUZZLE!», the brain feels a little different too, sometimes (I try, try to write easy, understand me!) you start to test depressive moods, a rage, sincere hatred to those who can eat what he\she wants. A dreams, certainly, are different too, not like in a former way of life, sometimes for hunger it is difficult to fall asleep. Only the PURPOSE makes me feel better: to change, to become easier in all senses, to carry wear that I love. For the sake of this purpose which all time, by the way, is useful to imagine and to formulate to yourself, I am ready to struggle with myself and with the natural love to «harmful» meal. Plus, it helped me that I drank Borjomi mineral water by my doctor’s recommendation — 100-150 gram for half an hour to meal, and sometimes when the stomach absolutely already falls into a rage and prevents to live to me, it is possible like Ukrainians says, «swallow a little bit» between food intakes. Water alkaline, it is very good calm down gastric juice, and in parallel removes stress from a diet. Only it is necessary not to forget to open water since evening to flee the gas: I remind that the aerated drinks aren’t recommended. And now + (a drumbeat!) effect: the MINUS of 2 kg! Current weight is 64 kg.

From 4th till 10th day all meal should be divided into 3-5 intakes to allow me to eat a little bit more often. We go further?

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