Have you known that here in Prague until 2002 water Borjomi has been a rarity? And you could buy it only if you are specially looking for it. Why is it so? I could not find the answer to this question for a long time. Until that time when my friend came into the cafe (where I am working) and began to brag about the bottle of Borjomi with words “Look at me! I’m russian oligarch! ))) “In what sense? “ – I asked, showing him several bottles of Borjomi (they were taken in Ukraine recently), which I always kept in the fridge at the bar… In general, it turned out that many Czechs have been aware of Borjomi and its beneficial properties, but thought that this water was too expensive for them! For Borjomi has been sold in the few restaurants in the old town in that time. Where is usually parked fashion «Rinspeed» and luxurious «Mersedes»… Where people drink «Beluga» and «Russian Standard» with caviar… our compatriots!

Of course we laughed a lot))) Because I told him where it could be bought, though more expensive than in Ukraine, but not 10-15 euros per a bottle in the restaurants of Prague and Karlovy Vary)))

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