Long time ago a volcanic origin of Borjomi had been a legend. Nowadays the story of water that lasts for more than 1500 years is a well- known fact. Do you want to hear some more stories and legends about  Borjomi?

Still no one can say who exactly was the first person to find the source. However, some legends about Borjomi are official, and some are a bit fantastic.

Deer trails.

Resort of Borjomi — Likani

“Borj” — fortification, “omi” — war. These two severe words are the name of our favorite mineral water. Wars in Georgia have been quite common events for a long time, there is nothing we could do with that. Nowadays the archaeologists have excavated guard towers on top of the gorge, which have been serving as a militant villages for many centuries. Also the conquests of Queen Tamar many times were considered to be suitable for an attack in the gorge of Borjomi. Because of the wars the legend of a magical deer appeared. And still this deer adorns the bottles of Borjomi.

The story begins with a fact when the warriors have shot a young deer on a hunt. The soldiers were chasing the animal according to the blood on a trail and suddenly they stopped in amazement: the deer jumped into the source of water and sprang out of the other side of the stream, safe and sound. So the soldiers decided not to pursuit him because they were shocked of miraculous healing. The warriors told the commander about the healing source. So, that was the story about the appearance of glorious water Borjomi, and the deer has become a symbol of purity and healing mineral water from Georgian mountains for many centuries.

Prince Mikhail Romanov

The romanticism of  Borjomi.

The first of the seven children of a great sovereign Nikolai Mikhailovich sincerely loved his residence in the gorge of Borjomi. But not only because of the magical water. And not even because of the passion for the world famous royal fun — Russian hunting. It is said, that the supervisor of the royal palace Barbara was his secret love. A touching love affair began after the first arrival of Nikolai in Borjomi. In order to avoid gossip, lovers met at a secret place: on the roof of an old mansion. On the roof of the mansion was a weathervane with a flag. The raised flag meant free road to darling for Barbara.

During the revolution the prince had to flee abroad. Barbara remained in the royal chambers for the rest of her life. Barbara didn’t give books, photos and other remaining relics of the Romanov into the hands of the Soviet rulers. All the secrets and the values of the royal family she took with her. The only things that she remained to the museum were just one photograph and the list of palace property that was confiscated by the government in February 1921.

Photo of the Borjomi Resort — The museum building palace of the Romanov! (Likani)

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