There are some strict rules about fishing in the Czech Republic. The rules concern the kind of fish and the time of fishing. They keep vigilant watch to prevent the fishing of young fish. For example, carp can be caught only if it is not more 35cm lengthwise, perch – 45, pike — 50. But the catfish can be caught even if it is more than 70cm lengthwise. Moreover, the catch should be no more than 7kg. So you can only make a photo with a fish, which weights 15 kilos, because after that you have to release her. So remember: going on a fishing trip be sure to bring with you a folding ruler and scales. Otherwise, you can be caught by fish inspector.

All pounds in the Czech Republic are divided into 2 categories. First category contains the pounds, which have trout, and the second one contains pounds, in which there are no trout. In the «trout» pounds there are also grayling and char. In the “non-trout” there are carp, pike and perch. I don’t mention bream, because they can be found anywhere in bulk. Most fish species in the Czech pounds are “local”, which means that they have lived here always, but some species were delivered here from afar. For example, char and rainbow trout were delivered in the Czech Republic in the late 19th century from America.

Black carp and silver carp were brought from China in order to clean the overgrown ponds. Well, of course there was a fish, importation of which had been a big disappointment of the Czechs. American catfish.



Set down in the past year in one of the oxbow of the Labe River, this fish was not so innocuous as aqua culturists once thought. Guys didn’t take into account the brutal aggression and the survival of this great fish. It turned out that American catfish eat almost everything edible in the pond and this fish do not afraid of almost all predators. For the last time these fish have spread across the delta of the river Elbe, where it quietly drive out its «indigenous» neighbors. I haven’t fished on the Elbe, but my friends said that these catfish have captivated the entire river.



Of course the most Czech fish is a carp

Carp can be found anywhere in the Czech Republic. In all ponds, streams and reservoirs. The Czech fish farmers even have grown a new kind of carp, which was named Trshebonsky (because of the place where it was grown). The most popular places for fishing are the pounds in Moravia and in and southern Czech Republic. The record carp, which was caught here, had a weight about 30 kg and had more than one meter in length!

Almost everywhere in the Czech Republic before Christmas you can see such picture. On the streets there are barrels of water, in which a lot of carps are swashing. Dishes with carp are the traditional Christmas treat. They are usually served with potato salad.

I hope that such information would be useful and interesting for those, who like fishing. Fishing is more useful than meditation. Because it calms the nerves and promotes physical load. And the result is visible and understandable.

Good day to you and tail and scales!

… because it is not custom to with a good fishing.)))

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