Now my stomach is trained a bit and doesn’t cry “Bring all back” (at least not so loud). In general, the aim of the hunger was to show the stomach and my former food instincts their place behind. The starvation is going to last for 22 days, then all this will pass relatively smoothly: just systematic dietary nutrition without any crisis… During this time my stomach will diminish to required size.

Certainly, I’m not the best among adequate, but then I’m not in depression as I was before. To tell the truth, I want sweet stuff. I desire an outward stream of glucose and endorphins because of my natural love to sweets (what is hardly to get rid of).

In general I want to say that in this blog I’m telling the whole truth and I’m not going to hide my periodical frustration and my weight curve, that will raise during the diet (exceptionally because of the fact that I’m human being with my own weaknesses). My weight now is 63 kilos, here are the scales:

Now let us go through days.

As I wrote before, on the fourth day the “Dolina’s diet” had started: 3-5 meals a day (curds, kefir and boiled food without salt) and on the whole all had gone regularly except the moment of my recovery after depression because of hunger, stress and my gradual getting used to fall asleep when I’m starving. I can’t remember special emotions or valuable thoughts of that period, it was just a process adaptation of my organism to limitations. Therefore I’ll begin right away from the 8th day because from this day on the serious physiological changes start, and precisely from this day my colleagues need to know something important.

The 8th day of the diet. 500 grams of sour cream + 0,5 litre of kefir.The purpose of having sour cream was to bring into my organism little amount of fat, and you understand that this product isn’t dietary. I took sour cream with the most low amount of fat (15%) and this food seemed to me the most delicious meal that I have eaten before.

The 9th day of the diet. The International Day of Toilet Humor: dried fruits unlimited (except raisins, because you’ll feel badly) + 0,5 litre of kefir. I took prunes and dried apricots. This day is very special because the intestine is cleaning of ALL STUFF that it has inside. If you want to enlarge the effect – add water, but in this case you’ll spend all day sitting on the toilet. I’m sorry for that, but it is true – the day is so special. Those, who are going to practice such thing must be serious. You might be getting down any moment at any place. On the other hand, your intestine will shine on the inside.

The 10th day. The brutal starvation. 1,5 litre of kefir and 1 litre of water. That is the RIGHT way of spending this day, but I had passed it differently, in light way, for I had no opportunity to follow such horror. I ate fruits in unlimited amounts, except bananas and grapes (because they are too high-calories). I had eaten too much apples and oranges. After the cleaning of previous day I had a wind inside me, it was such a feeling… in general, I wanted to guzzle incredibly.

The 11th day. As it needed to be: 1,5 litre of mineral water (for instance, Borjomi). But I also added a bar of black chocolate (Attention! Only black, not milky). I don’t like black, but I have had to think by my weaken brain and my soul had desired some endorphins. It seemed to me unexpectedly tasty, in spite of the fact that I actually don’t like black. And now attention to all those, who want to follow me! In case not to lose muscular mass instead of fat “The days of tranquility” are required. These days are intend for taking away the stress caused by fasting days. Just because after the 11th day time for “relatively normal” nutrition has come.

The 12th day. Breakfast – a cup of tea without sugar.  Lunch – soft curds (50-100 grams) or 40-50 grams of cheese. Dinner – egg bard and a cup of tea without sugar. Afternoon shack – yoghurt (not sweet) or curds at your’s discretion. Supper – 100 grams of boiled chicken or beef (lean pork also can be suitable) + vegetable salad with vegetable oil (200-300 grams).

The 13th and 14th days. Breakfast – tea/coffee without sugar + 100 grams of cheese. Dinner – egg bard, 150 grams of boiled meat (fish of chicken), 20-30 grams of cheese. Supper – 100-200 grams of boiled meat (fish or chicken). If for dinner you had fish, so for supper you can have chicken. Plus a plate of vegetable salad without salt (also you can add lemon juice). Before going to bed you can have peppermint broth (1 table spoon + glass of boiling water – it should be brew like tea).

The 15th day. I took only 500 grams of curds and 0,5 litre of kefir. I hate curds and kefir!!!

From the 16th to 22nd  days the conception is changing again as it is required. You should eat every 2 hours: at 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 o’clock. Every morning – coffee/tea without sugar. It must look like this: at 8 – coffee, 10, 12, 14, 16 – 100 grams of meal and 50 grams of kefir, at 6 – kefir. To tell the truth, I couldn’t manage to eat so often, so I had a meal 3 times a day at the same time. But if you have the opportunity to follow the rules – it would be better.

The 16th day! Potatoes baked in their jackets (400 grams) and 500 grams of  kefir (1%). It was a gift of gods, even without salt, spices and butter. VERY delicious.

By the way, about salt. I have complicated story about salt. The diet has to be without salt, because salt cause a delay of water in the organism. On the other hand, such nutrition cause a breach of water-salt balance and each time you will swell in the morning when the salt enter your organism. I save myself only because of Borjomi, because such water soften the breach in water-salt balance during the diet.

The 17th day is the same as the 15th – hateful kefir and curds (500 grams).

As a result, this is my look now:

Now in general and as a whole:

Three times I cycled, all three times at 40 km distance. It was at 11, 12, 14 days. At the day with chocolate I was conscience-strickened. I went cycling alone, without a company, just to quite down my conscience. During the 12th and 14th days I was not hungry, but before my journey I ate the banana. Bananas are forbidden during the diet, but they are high-carbohydrated and are rich of potassium – so they can save you from the risk to get calves cramp during the long physical loading ( I have such problem). Once a day I’m twisting hula hoop (the heavy thing with balls for massage) during 30 minutes and watching TV at the same time. Also I’m lubricating my body actively with moisten cream to prevent the flabbing of my skin, making a massage of problem zones, using anticellulite cream. I wish I had too much money to hire the professional masseur, ‘cause my fingers hurt!

After two weeks the general result – minus 3 kilos. I find my fat gone from my back, belly, waist and chest. I hope my ass will be the next to lose weigh!

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