This week I have lost weight on my hands and you can see it on the photo (are you agree with me, huh?) They lost muscle mass and fat mass, so they look like sticks… In addition, the ribs are distinctly seen on my body. My mother calls me a «child of Buchenwald”, in general — the top of the body is losing weight with terrible force, but the bottom is waiting for the very last moment to decrease the weight a little (this is the feature of my organism). Also my face has become more slender, especially cheeks; you can see the result on the photo:

In such way the third week has passed and now my current weight is 62 kilos, so that is minus 4kilos of initial weight.

As for the menu.

During the 18th day I had to eat 400 grams of fruits, except grapes and bananas, and 500 grams of kefir. That day I ate apples and oranges, obviously I have eaten more than 400 grams in total – to tell the truth, more than a kilo. Fruit days for me has always been hungry, because fruits are assimilated very quickly and I begin to feel hunger immediately. Constantly during the day, I eat apples and drink Borjomi, because the acid from apples and oranges influence very aggressively on the stomach, so alkaline water in these «fruit» days — is everything. During this period I drink more than 1,5 L of Borjomi.

The 19th day.

400 g boiled chicken without skin and 500 grams of kefir. The rules of diet say that chicken should be free of salt, but I add salt. Do you remember why? Just not to swell later because of lack of salt.

The 20th day.

Again the rules require to eat 400 g of fruits and 500 g of kefir, but the story is the same — I eat fruits all day. I usually drink kefir for dinner, for breakfast and dinner  I have fruits and Borjomi. I go to bed late, so kefir in the evening saves me, promoting a better sleep when I’m hungry.

The 21st day.

1,5 L of mineral water without gas. That’s all. That is the rule. But you know me a bit, and you also know that I hate the days like this, so I ate oatmeal. 3 times a day. Oats provides you with energy, that is why this day I could afford myself to cycle. I cycled for a distance 45 km, made a short trip to the edge of town and back, and then had a short ride for no particular reason.

The 22nd day.

Again fruits and kefir. During 3 days on this week I ate a lot of fruits replenishing the stock of vitamins — this was the purpose of fruit periods.

Attention! The hungriest period of the diet has ended!

Further diet was planned to fix the result. If it does not continue, the starved body immediately begin to grab tons of carbohydrates (he thinks «what if I will be tortured again by hunger?»).  And you quickly begin to gather the old weight.

From the 23rd day until the very end, I’m sitting on the «Japanese woman», so-called Japanese diet. It is very easy for me, and if I followed this diet from the beginning, I would not have lost weight (because «Japanese» spares the organism, and in fact it is a system of balanced diet). After 22 days of torment «Japanese» is like a celebration for the stomach, and the only things that I am missing are sweets. However, in my life I always felt the lack of sweets, especially this week when I couldn’t allow myself even the chocolate.

So, the 23rd day.

Breakfast: coffee + 1dry bread without yeast. Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, stewed cabbage with vegetable oil and a glass of tomato juice (standard glass). Supper: boiled fish. I ate 300 grams of hake without salt, but I cooked it in lightly salted water.

This day I cycled a lot. I do not remember the distance, probably 60 km. I can’t remember when I felt myself so full! Now you can think that I’m not on a diet (just kidding:).

The 24th day.

Morning: coffee and a toast (I had a loaf). Dinner: fried fish (have you seen such liberalism?) or boiled and cabbage salad with vegetable oil. I have fried this fish (let myself go:). Then ate a salad. That was a really great dinner. Supper: 200 grams of boiled beef and a glass of kefir. In fact, you can have any meat except pork fat (I chose beef). This day was like … a real holiday!

According to my feelings, now I feel better than I felt before: I can work, think, and my anger goes away … but the only thing is that my weight will not going to change for some time. It would not be a surprise for me, so for you too. I know it because of my experience of dieting and knowledge of mechanisms of weight loss. My organism sits on a «Japanese woman» in a calm atmosphere after a strike, and no longer feels shock , so why would my body lose weight? After a week I’m gonna make a little shock for the organism (at least, I have planned so) in order to reduce weight again. But now it would be a lull. The most important thing now is to keep myself away from buns and cakes because in this case instead of calmness there will be a real weight rise.

Now, boys, shut your ears – I’m going to tell about the standard women’s problem. When you lose weight, your bust diminish. So, girls, breast skin must be moistened by cream or butter in case to avoid potential «effect of feeding» – sagging in a simple way. People say that you can also do exercises for the burst to keep those muscles in good form. Actually I don’t like to do exercises, for me it is worse than death 🙂

Concerning the sleep, it has become normal. During those days when I ate relatively normally (not fruits and kefir), sleep problems did not exist, but even during the hungry days my stomach almost does not manifest itself. Plus I have become more happier because those jeans, in which I had been photographed for the very first post, became to hang on me. Now I feel that I have become lighter!

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