For those who do not know: Karlovy Vary is the largest and oldest resort of Czech Republic. During my stay in Prague I went to Carlsbad many times, but somehow there was not a reason to talk about them. Everyone, to whom I could tell about Carlsbad, went with me. But now I can share with you my impressions.

So let us begin our small tour to the Vary Mountains, my friends.

Carlsbad is similar to all resort-mineral towns. It is located in the valley of a mountain stream of river Tepla. From its shores Vary crawl along the slopes of nearby mountains. The interesting thing is that the farther from the river, the more modern the architecture. The history of growing of the year can be monitored by meters from the quay. Along the quay the streets are narrow and the carriage-way are paved; on the slopes there are modern sanatoria, which are disguised as antiquities.

Few words about sanatoria. There are a lot of them in Carlsbad. Maybe someday we will know the approximate amount of them, but after the second or the third day of stay here it becomes clear that there are dozens of them. And how many hundreds of them? It is the question for special study.


Of course, all hotels, boarding-houses and sanatoria vary in size, comfort and relative distance from the center. They all are with different sets of options and different sorts of procedures. In fact the only difference between hotels and sanatoriums is only in name. Many hotels of Carlsbad begin their history from ancient times. Carlsbad is more than 600 years old. Even the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire was here. Yes, and other aristocratic and monarchic brotherhood from all over Europe came here to strengthen health. Of course hotels, in which the Bourbons, the Romanovs and Hohenzollerns had been, didn’t remain in the original forms. All the buildings were rebuilt and renovated several times. But there are still sounding names: Imperial, Grandhotel Pupp, Sawa, Pushkin (obviously in honor of Alexander Sergeyevich), Dvorak, Astoria, Rome, Peter, Paul, Ulrika, Columbus, Ontario, Villa Lauretta, Villa Charlotte, Malta, Brazil, Exelcior, Sanssouci, Richmond, Venus, Sirius. Brilliance and charm.


Well, the center of Carlsbad is embankment. Here the major part of «tourist» places is held. Cafes, shops and restaurants. The streams of relaxed guests like to walk here. In high season pandemonium is comparable to the promenade in Yalta or in Feodosia. Actually, an unfamiliar person doesn’t know other places for walking except embankment.



Accordingly, in order not to load the head all the visitors come here.

Some words about the stores. There are a lot of them. There are a lot of stores selling products from crystal and china, including porcelain of Carlsbad and jewelry. And despite the fact that in Carlsbad there are a lot of tourists (like in Prague), the citizens of Carlsbad feel calm and relaxed. Maybe it is because of the healthy energy of such healing place.


In the next post I am going to tell you about healing places of Carlsbad.))

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