Sakharov is a soviet physicist, academician of the USSR and political activist, a dissident and human rights activist, one of the founders of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. A laureate of the Nobel Prize of 1975.


The fact that Sakharov was a truly legendary figure is especially visible from the current time. His scientific predictions are gradually implemented, bringing the sacred awe to the scientists from all over the world.


For example, do you know that it was Sakharov who predicted the emergence of the Internet?


«I guess, after 50 years there will be a global information system (GIS), which will make available to everyone at any moment the contents of any book, any article, or getting any help. The barriers of information exchange between countries and people will disappear. »

Simultaneously with this prediction he suggested a supposition about the prospects of development of the science: «Scientific and technological progress will not bring happiness, unless it is supplemented with changes in the social and moral life of mankind.»

And do you know that academician intended to find aliens using nuclear chargers?

Sakharov had no doubt that the Earth’s civilization was not the only inhabitant of the universe, so he was developing wild and unusual ways to detect aliens. Sakharov’s method was based on the use of … nuclear missiles!

In addition to his researches, academic was an ardent human rights defender, and he was against of nuclear weapon test. He was writing articles in international newspapers, standing up for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between countries during the war with Afghanistan.



A rally in honor of Academician


Sakharov and Borjomi.


It turned out that during the protests against the government regime the academician was hungry for several days. The bottles of Borjomi (which were not so easy to get) were quietly handed to Sakharov in order to keep him alive.


From the memories of Sakharov:

«I had also prepared a telegram to Brezhnev and Alexandrov, in which I reported about a hunger strike, but for now at the request of Lucy I was slow in sending them, because it was the step after which the retreat wasn’t possible. Lucy had gone to Moscow with all this. She also took with her the manuscripts of memories, documents and others, because I have written a lot after stealing the bag. I did not want KGB to have all this. After a week the telegram from her has arrived: «Meet necessarily porter taking water battery”. Water (which was discussed in the telegram) is alkaline mineral water «Borjomi», which we took during the hunger strike starting from the third day in addition to simple water. It was hard to find water in Gorky, as well as in Moscow, but by request of Lucy Jura Shikhanovich has got 100 bottles”.

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