Today I have a terrible headache, and I do not know whether this is due to diet, but probably you have already accustomed to the shocks of my organism, and being rational people, you think that such jumps are natural during the diet, especially during such a long and tough diet as I have. It is true that my body has already adapted to the situation and now it behaves quietly as if it was always, not just the last six weeks. I reassure it verbally, also by telling him many tender words 🙂 But why I have a headache, honestly, I have no idea. In any case, let’s start! The report of the next phase of the diet:

The 25th day.

Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust. But traditionally I have eaten a small loaf of bread. Just at heart I think that the makers of the diet were writing it in the days when unleavened bread hasn’t been released yet at our place. Dinner: one big fried in vegetable oil vegetable marrow (which can be replaced by cabbage, but I did not do so), 2 pcs of apples. In my joy that long time I haven’t eaten such food, I began to fry it with dried crusts! I was incredibly happy, so I ate more than 1 vegetable marrow (to be honest), because I sliced it in rings, and there were too many rings 🙂 Then I was conscience-stricken. I once wrote that I am conscience-stricken every time when I feel common satiety, and on the diet called «Japanese woman» it happens because of the stomach, that diminishes in size, and satiety is felt more often even because of scanty food.

Supper: 1 hard-boiled egg, boiled beef (200 g), fresh cabbage salad with vegetable oil. According to the rules, it should be 1 egg, but I have eaten 2. All in all, the day was very substantial, so I decided to make the next day opposite — very hungry, because otherwise after such a big amount of food, my weight would have risen up. Well, of course, also because of my conscience too.

The 26th day.

According to the instruction: Breakfast: black coffee. Dinner: 1 raw egg, 3 large boiled carrots with vegetable oil, 15 g of cheese. Supper: 2 apples, 1 grapefruit, kiwi. In real life this day I have had only kefir; just to clean my conscience (and the stomach too) because of yesterday. I took only a half liter of kefir…  and water with the tea, no more. I was very hungry, but the conscience shut up. Now, after a while, I regard this event to be an elementary frustration. Such things happen when you limit yourself for a long time and what is more, I forbid myself to eat what I like for 5 weeks by now. When I feel hungry I have a cup of tea. Tea saved me during this weeks, especially when I was starving. Do not try strong tea because you will feel sick. My confidence in that fact, that tomorrow I’m going to eat normal human food, saved me psychologically.

The 27th  day.

Breakfast: 1 cup of raw carrots and lemon juice (squeeze a quarter lemon). Into a cup of carrots I added small drop of low-calorie mayonnaise. It is forbidden to do such a thing, but actually I dislike to eat raw carrots, but it was necessary to eat, because I have to get some vitamins. There was only a teaspoon of mayonnaise, no more. Dinner: fried or boiled fish (200 g), a glass of tomato juice. Fish always brings a great joy to me, and I’m trying to get maximum pleasure from her. Apparently, at this time I feel a lack of protein, and my body feels it, so my brain gives me a kind of sign: «Come on, eat fish, so your muscle mass will gone (by the way, my muscle mass is diminishing very quickly). Today some of the fish was fried, some – boiled.

Supper: fruits. Fruits can be eaten in any quantity, they are low in calories, but they are eating away the stomach because of their high acidity, and in this case water Borjomi can save you. So that evening I drink Borjomi in larger amount than I usually do.

The 28th day.

Breakfast: black coffee. I also added some processed cheese. Dinner: 1 / 2 boiled chicken, salad with fresh carrots or cabbage (200 g). I have eaten a little piece of chicken to compensate the morning cheese. Supper: 2 hard-boiled eggs, a cup of raw carrots with vegetable oil.

And now I want to tell what I like in this diet: the end of a diet is very well-built, it is a very important point. People will quickly increase weight if they stop the diet at once. It happens because of terrible imbalance: our organism sharply begins to collect fat and protein back. During the «Japanese woman» such thing doesn’t happen because we break off the diet gradually!

The 29th day.

Breakfast: a cup of tea. But again I added a slice of cheese. Why I did it: it contains proteins, it will support my muscle mass. Proteins in this stage of the diet are necessary, especially if breakfast is hungry, in this case I absolutely cannot think — hunger weakens my brain tremendously. Dinner: boiled beef (200 g), fruits. I ate only beef, I didn’t want fruits.

Supper: this day can be any one of those that I already had. In real life, I ate a banana, because I took a little ride immediately after a meal. Also I had tea.

The 30th day.


Breakfast: black coffee. I have traditionally added a small loaf of bread and even a small piece of butter! I spread bread with butter and it was delicious; generally I like sandwiches with butter. Dinner: 1 / 2 boiled chicken, salad with fresh carrots or cabbage (200 g). But I ate some chicken with a couple of oranges. Supper: 2 hard-boiled eggs, a cup of raw carrots with vegetable oil. That day I cycled, and on supper I had oatmeal, not carrots.

The 31st day.


Breakfast: 1 cup of raw carrots with ¼ lemon juice. That is the rule. In fact, I had coffee and I ate apples in large amount. I washed down all this thing with Borjomi. And also made a little crime by eating a tablespoon of mayonnaise 🙂 Dinner: boiled fish (200 g), a glass of tomato juice and a salad with fresh cabbage or carrots. In real life I have eaten some chicken with a bit of salt, and raw tomatoes.

Supper: vegetables. I have eaten an apple and an orange 🙂

One more thing, guys. To improve the digestion in pharmacy I bought dietary cellulose. Sometimes I add it to the ration, but honestly, you could add it from the beginning of your diet. It improves peristalsis, which is useful when the body just begins to adapt to the hunger days, and now that is useful when our organism gradually increases the amount of fats and proteins, so we have to worry about the bowels. In general, this thing is good and highly recommended by me. You should have 1 spoon of cellulose per day. Also you can mix it with yogurt, but it will be extra calories. I put a spoon of cellulose in his mouth and washed it down with water in 10 minutes before a meal. There is also one necessarily thing: I take a multivitamin supplement (and I think I have already written about it at the beginning of the blog). If you do not drink them during a diet terrible things may start, for example, falling out hair, eyelashes, and other.

With regard to health, this week I was all right, I felt satiety. I do massage regularly, I’ve bought a gel for correction and special anti-cellulite massager that fits on the hand.

Concerning the weight. As I warned you (I warned about this), the weight this week doesn’t change. On the scales you can see that my weight is 62 kilos.

Why does it stand still?

Diet on which I sit is low carbohydrate, so the body is beginning to support itself by using the fastest and most convenient fuel — glycogen. The organism begins with glycogen and when it ends, it starts to split the fats. But the organism cannot continue in such way, so it turns on an anti-stress mechanism and self-preservation instinct, and instead of burning fat, the body begins to “eat” muscle (it is in panic: «is it war?» Without a muscle it can survive, but without food – no). The organism keeps the fats and throws away the proteins.

Nota bene! I would also like to say that despite the fact that the weight of this week didn’t change, the redistribution of fats had happened (and I can see it visually). Hands became thicker. And the waist became slimer.

Now I have exactly this stage when the burning of fats has stopped and the burning of muscle could begin. It turns out that I have to take more carbohydrates in order to save the situation. Few time later I will have to encourage my organism and show to it that there will be no war. According to the diet science, this is called «food zigzag” — I have a couple of days to feed my body more or less normally (maybe I can even allow myself a chocolate bar), but then again I’ll have to follow the strict diet. You can read about this in my next post.

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