TCHAIKOVSKY, Peter Ilyich (1840-1893) was a great composer, conductor, teacher, musical activist, musical journalist. He was born in the family of a prominent Russian engineer. When he was14 he showed an interest in music. At this age he was so sensitive child, that he could not get on with the world.

After his graduation from the Imperial School of Jurisprudence, Tchaikovsky has become an official of the Department of Justice, but music has prevailed, despite the fact, that his college teacher didn’t believed in talent of the young musician.


Tchaikovsky gave up the service, entered the conservatory and has become one of the best students, so he graduated with a silver medal. Also he has become a music critic and has become friends with group of legendary «Mighty Handful» – a concord of famous musical composers (Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Cui, Balakirev and Borodin).

In 1877 he tried to alleviate raged passion that was inside, so he decided to commit suicide. His patroness Nadezhda von Meck encouraged his talent by paying the regular grant. Tchaikovsky went away from his wife and devoted himself to creative work. They would have never met again.

Soon he became popular throughout the world, especially in USA, where he went on tour few years later. Pyotr Ilyich liked traveling and wrote many of his works during the tours or on the road. But the composer always returned to unfriendly Russia.



Tchaikovsky loved solitude, that is why he often visited the gorge of Borjomi and the town of Borjomi. Natural, refractory beauty of the nature caused a storm in his soul with delight. Even in his letters to friends Peter Ilyich did not get tired of glorifying the jewel of Georgia:

«It’s been two weeks since I’m in Borjomi. This is one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen … Everything here is so good that I’m completely in love with the Borjomi … Honestly, I pour the tears of delight because of the beauty, that is seen everywhere.”

Tchaikovsky (being usually ailing) exceptionally feels good «on the waters”.

“Except the amazing natural beauty, there are mineral springs, one of them is like Vichy. Since the time I have long intended to take water, I decided to stay here during the course of the treatment… The water is very reminiscent of the Vichy, it is alkaline, saturated with carbon dioxide and very pleasant to take.”

«The location of Borjomi is the gorge of Borjomka river, which flows here into the river Kuru. The beauty, abundance and diversity of walking will surprise everyone. The main charm of the walking is plenty of shades and lovely air, which is saturated with resinous exhalations. In Borjomi mineral waters are well organized and the baths are so luxurious. According to the advice of the local doctor, I take water twice a day for two cups. The waters have a health-giving influence on me.”

«Tchaikovsky» is a two-part feature film by Igor Talankin about the life of composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky from his early childhood. The core of the storyline is the correspondence between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck. Also in this film the story of the creation of masterpieces (the First Concert and the ballet “The Nutcracker”) is shown.

A monument to Tchaikovsky

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