Vladimir Vysotsky is known as fun and creative person. Who knows what kind of person could be Volodya if he was not born in the postwar period and not in the USSR? His childhood began in a very uncomfortable conditions — in the capital’s cramped municipal flat. He wrote such words about his flat: “There is only one toilet on thirty-eight little rooms…”

Seizing the opportunity, Volodya ran for several years with his father and his new family in Germany – it was better than live in the municipal flat. When he returned to Moscow he was enlisted in the 5th form. And at the same time he started to attend Drama circle under the leadership of the Moscow Art Theater actor Bogomolov.

Then there was fun, because loving relatives sent a future star to Mechanics Engineering Institute named after Kyibyshev. Frankly, the education failed in the first semester.


As usual in the New Year a desire to start a new life comes to a human. Vysotsky with his school friend pored over the drawings to be allowed to take the exams. It was almost the dead of night when work was over. Volodya stood up from his chair, looked at the fruits of labor and picked up a jar of ink. While pouring the ink on his drawings he said: “That is all. I will prepare to enter the theater. And this all is not for me…”


Vladimir has entered and graduated from the acting department of Moscow Art Theatre School. He has worked a couple of months in the theater of miniatures, and simultaneously he was trying to make his way along in Moscow Sovremennik Theatre («Contemporary»). At the same time he was creating the first songs for the movie.


He was despair to get into the company of Sovremennik, so he accepted the invitation to join the Taganka theater, whose founder and principal director was Yuri Lyubimov.



It is because of friendship with Vysotsky Yuri Lyubimov fall out of favor with state officials, and in 1984 he was deprived of citizenship in the USSR.


Rebellious Vysotsky.


The stormy youth of Vysotsky resulted in two marriages, one by one. Because of his first wife, Isolde Zhukova, he wanted to move to Rostov-on-Don to work together with his wife in the theater named after Lenin’s Komsomol. He traveled with this theatre sometimes. There in Rostov he earned his living by stealing apples: maybe the future star hadn’t enough adrenaline. Even when he was caught red-handed, he managed to make friends with a guard by talking about life all night. He also loved to travel with vim: somehow he could manage to come to Rostov on the roof of the train. It is all because of boredom, gentlemen.


Between his bizarre tricks he began to perform in apartments. His concerts were banned as well as his songs. All these facts worked in favor of the success of his apartment concerts. It was a good marketing move, as the marketers would have noticed.

Such secret concerts allowed Vladimir to live quite well, so he could hang out, drink and write something of the sort.


However, sometimes he had to take breaks in order to make the organism healthier. In such times Vladimir Vysotsky preferred to take only Borjomi.


And even in his poems he mentioned Borjomi.


From the memories of his friends:” As I remember, we agreed to dine at the Central House of Writers on the summer porch. Volodya came with another plump blue-eyed lady. We began to drink. However, Vysotsky has chosen Borjomi instead of alcohol.”

In 1967 he met Marina Vlady, well-known French actress. It was a period of stormy passion, mad love and other fireworks, which Vladimir has always lacked.


Vysotsky and society.


Despite the active critics of his creativity people love Vysotsky very much. In 1968 his first record appears. It was quickly sold out.


His films are still considered to be the classics of Soviet cinema(including «The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed,» Small Tragedy «,» Brief Encounters «,» The Master of Taiga «,» Vertical «). The songs are known by heart by every third person.


A year later Vysotsky experienced clinical death. Marina Vlady came to him from Paris to organize the miraculous salvation. At that time they lived in the apartment of his mother.


In her book «Vladimir Vysotsky or Interrupted flight» Marina says:


“You’re no longer talking, half-open eyes are asking for help. I beg to call an ambulance, your pulse has almost disappeared pulse, I began to panic. The reaction of the two arrived doctors and nurses is brutal: it is too late, too much risk, you are not for transportation. They do not want to have a corpse in the car; it’s bad for the plan. I understand that the decision of doctors is unchangeable by the confusion of my friends. Then I obstruct them out, screaming that if they do not now going to take you to the hospital, I’ll make an international scandal … They finally realize that the dying man is Vysotsky and the screaming woman is a French actress. After a short conference of doctors they took you to the hospital.


In the Institute named after Sklifosofsky after 18 hours of active struggle the doctors have managed to return Vladimir to life. But it was rumored about the death of the artist.


In the 1971 of November in the Taganka theatre there was the premiere of «Hamlet», where Vysotsky played his most exciting part — the Prince of Denmark. In this performance he played his last role in July, 1980. Banned and persecuted, Vysotsky still gets the opportunity to travel abroad and to leave the Soviet Union. But not without influence and connections of Marina Vlady.

For a long time Vladimir lives Paris; gives concerts in Europe and even in the U.S..


In America the journalists seek the sensation, because they are interested in «the inhuman policies of the government.»


— Do you think that if I had a problem with my government, I would come here to solve them? – answered Vysotsky such a question.


In Paris one of the curious stories connected with the tender love Volodya to the good stuff and very good car had happened. He parked his car and began to take off wipers and mirror because of the Soviet habit. For this action he was arrested by the police officer. So Marina came out when he heard him screaming and resolved the situation. The inspector answered: «Sorry, sir, I didn’t not know you were Russian. I know that Russians have such habit.”


By the way, concerning cars.  Vysotsky was the first registered owner of the official «foreign car” the Mercedes 450 W 116. After that such car was bought by Sergei Mikhalkov and Gog Tovstonogov.


The final scene.


The official cause of death of Vladimir Vysotsky was not found. According to the conclusion of his regular doctor, all symptoms pointed to the pre-infarction state. On the day of his death theater Taganka was in mourning. The artists have decided to create a performance in memory of friend, but the government banned this idea. However, there was no person, who gave the ticket back on the last play of Vysotsky, because it was relic! During the few days there were crowds of people who wanted to pay tribute to the star. Despite the Olympics, the stadiums were empty. That time Marina Vlady told her friend Volodya Tumanov: «Vadim, I saw the burial of princes, kings… But I haven’t seen anything like this!” After the death of Vladimir the government relented and published a collection of works of Vladimir Vysotsky «Nerve» and the first full record. In 1987 he was awarded the USSR State Prize.


In the history of the Soviet Union there was not a single person who could compete with Vysotsky in strength of influence for people. Phenomenal charisma, eccentricity and closeness to the people with works, which were created in spite of public formats, made him not just a legend. He showed the ability to live differently in all conditions. Being himself, he gave people the fruits of his talent.

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