Well, the «Japanese woman» should last for 2 weeks; before it I had the Dolina’s  diet if you remember, so the mockery of my body lasted for 35 days; 31 of them I spent according to all rules(well, almost:).  After 31 days my weight has not changed, I had to stimulate the body, so I made the «food zigzag.» Thus after the 31st day I was not sitting on a diet (it was a zigzag) and after a zigzag I started to lose weight again.The next thing is that I’m going to adhere to the definite rules of the diet for a long time, but not so strict, and of course I will inform you about this (as well as about the changes in my weight).

By the way, this is how I look at the moment:

Sometimes strict rules can be ignored 🙂 Reasonable deviations from the diet during the holidays and birthdays are not only forgivable, but sometimes even desirable, that’s how I had last week. The important thing is to pass this «zigzag» correctly, so it will get the process of weight lost moving, even when it sounds a bit paradoxical (in the last post I talked about it, do you remember?). One might say that it even stimulates fat burning. The zigzag is excellent thing to relieve the stress and physical tension from the diet: a person is happy from the fact that he finally ate a meal, which he wanted so much all this time. Moreover, there is a «fraud for the good» for our brains, which after the food relaxation will not control the further process of fat burning so strictly. And that is why such zigzag I is very useful and necessary during the second month. That was the theory. Now I want to tell about the practical part of my report : )

The 32nd day of my diet I decided to spend like normal person without a diet (except, perhaps, that I hadn’t eaten after 6 pm, this is the only principle I did not break):

For breakfast: a plate of pasta with a chop and a cup of tea. Dinner: a plate of fat soup (with no bread!). Hot food has made a very positive effect on me after all those long days of the diet, when I haven’t eaten anything like this (hot liquid 🙂 if you remember.

Tea and two sandwiches with butter! It was a beautiful day because I have eaten a lot of fats and carbohydrates! I was cheerful and energetic, and I felt lightness due to the fact that I did not eat at night. But it is worth knowing that the portions do not exceed 300 grams, except tea.

On the 33rd day I took enough calories, but food that I have eaten was not enough.

During the day I had Borjomi, ate dark chocolate (1 bar) and had tea with sugar substitute in case not to saturate the body with a large amount of sugar (chocolate contains it in sufficient quantities). It is because of chocolate I had enough calories, but I was still hungry (100 grams is almost nothing for my stomach). I was happy that day because I ate sweets after these few microscopic portions…

The 34th day has passed under the banner of a quick decrease of calories. I mean that on the first day were fats, proteins and carbohydrates, on the second day of the zigzag I had only carbohydrates from chocolate, and on the third day I ate1,5 kilos of apples. After the apples by tradition I had Borjomi (if you remember, I talked about the acidity, heightening in the body due to the large quantity of fruits). So it was Borjomi who saved me again.

After the first day of the zigzag in the morning I was horribly tortured by my conscience, because I got so out of the habit of the standard human food (for example, pasta with a chop),that probably the next morning my weight has increased (or even not «possibly», but «most likely»). I purposely did not weigh myself because I knew that if I was disappointed, all this would go to rack and ruin.

By the way, I want to say that self-programming during the diet affects on many things, as well as on the result. After the observance of the diet (taking food at the same time) self-programming stands on the second place. It is self-programming itself on the result. If you are sitting on a diet with self-programming,the result would be definitely better (according to my own experience). In general, self-programming will prevent you from the frustration, and when you’re apathetic, you are more likely to frustrate. By the way, during the first month of the diet my self-programming was very good.

Also there is another secret: people often say to themselves: «From Monday (or from New Year or from the first day of a month) I’m going to start a new life, sit on a diet, I’m going to eat well”. That’s not necessary to do so because it is almost a guarantee that the first day or on Monday something will interfere your plans (for example, the guests may arrive or you could have a lot of work to do). You should begin a «new life» always right now — just in such case you can reach the best results 🙂 This is one of the laws of psychology, by the way, you should start when such thought occurred to you.

And then, finally, the phrase «Well, I’ll sit for a week, and if I get bored, I’ll end up with it» is also a guarantee that you will definitely end up with it in a week. So you should suggest an idea to yourself, that it will be a long diet and you will have enough strength and other advantages to pass the diet successfully.

One more thing! Any diet should be finished in a right way. It is not right to sit on a diet for months, and then on the next begin to eat cakes and pasta in enormous amounts. It is forbidden because the weight will diminish in a moment, and even worse – those unnecessary kilos, that you hadn’t got at the start of your diet, will accumulate, so you will become even thicker and heavier than you were before. You should eat little amounts of food, gradually increasing the calories, fats, and sweets.

But somehow I was distracted from the menu. Let’s continue. The 35th day coincides with the day number 27 by the schedule and by the menu. If we are making a zigzag and break off for a while, then the further calculation goes according to a very simple scheme (but at first sight you may consider it strange).  The 36th day should go as 26th, the 37th like 25th, the 38th like 24th. These are the rules of diet and of the behavior after this hole in the diet called the «zigzag». Honestly, I do not know where this principle comes from, but it is included in the rules.

During these 4 days I ate (35, 36, 37, 38) the same food that I have been eating the last couple of weeks: raw carrots with the lemon juice, coffee and tea without sugar, boiled eggs (1-2 pcs per meal), boiled chicken without salt (but I add a little amount of salt), and sometimes for dinner I had fruits with water Borjomi. Also sometimes I ate boiled or fried fish, small loaves of bread. In general, those who carefully read my posts, remember this simple menu, and some people have even learned it by heart 🙂

At the moment I weigh 61 kilos and I can say that I have lost 5 kg during the whole diet. This is a good result. Here are some photos to compare the first phases of the diet and the today result:

In my opinion, changes are quite appreciable, and the internal condition has changed in a very positive direction. What will I do next? The next thing to do is to correctly prepare my body for future life, slowly adapt it to future conditions, deliberately keep it slenderer. In the next post I will tell you about how I changed the old diet to a more gentle and how I keep the weight. This is as difficult as to lose 5 kg during a month, believe me 🙂 In general, I can say that the diet continues and I will have rational balanced diet, but without the former extreme (just kidding :). See you next week, your Julia.

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