Sometimes life situations happen like in old proverb: it is a blessing in disguise. Some people face such situations very rarely. I face often. And this time the fate of the traveler has prepared an unexpected and pleasant surprise for me.

So, I’ll begin my story. It is evening and I am going out of Prague to Brzheznitsa on my mousy Mitsubishi. There are a lot of line arrays in my car and I am listening alternately «Four Seasons» by Vivaldi, «Stars and Stripes» by Beach Boys, a collection of Bach’s organ music performed by some Japanese with an unpronounceable name and «Toxic City» by System of a down. I have chosen music very logically. On the one hand, it is not monotony, on the other hand, it doesn’t allow you to fall asleep, because when you are listening to some Fugue in A minor and then something metal like «Forest», you definitely won’t fall asleep.

So I am going to Brzheznitsa to visit a local fair. Fair starts only tomorrow, a hotel room is booked, so I am not in hurry. So I wanted to go off the road and «cut» kilometer through the unknown country roads. I certainly understand that the shortest road is familiar road, but I have a mass of free time. So I turned off the big highway, and drove to the south.

Czech country roads are not as extreme as in Ukraine or somewhere near Saratov. The roads are quite level. But it is simple to be lost if you do not know the terrain. So that is how I got lost. I understood it when I passed the pond tree times. There was no road back, because I do not like navigators and hence there are no navigators in my car. Also this pound is not indicated on my map. Meanwhile the night is falling and the fog is coming. It is impossible to see something in the distance more than 10-15 meters.


And there is nobody around. The only sign of civilization is some weak building among the trees on the other side. So I decided to ask local people about the way. Somehow they have to know the exact way of getting out of here to Brzheznitsa. So I made a detour around the pond and my wheel was pierced by some piece of metal.

And now it is getting dark. The terrain is unknown. I looked at my broken “chariot”, closed it and went to the house on foot. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered a large lock on the door of the building. So waiting for help is in vain. Also it seems stupid to make phone calls to my friends in Prague. It is useless because I cannot not even explain where I am now.


Well, there is nothing I can do. I returned to the car, replaced the wheel, and moved the car on the ground near the house. By that time darkness fell completely. So it is my fate to spend the night in the open field. Or in this forest. I made myself comfortable in the car. There are always a couple of bottles of Borjomi and cookies in my car. So I had a snack and fell asleep.


And just before dawn strange things began to happen around the car. At first I heard someone sobbing and then I heard strange noise coming from the darkness of the bushes. Then it became worse. The branches began to crack somewhere, then I heard someone eating something (or someone). I finally woke up. I am sitting and gazing at the dark. It is impossible to see clearly, but some big silhouettes are moving around the car. They become bigger and bigger. Well, suddenly I remembered all the tales of werewolves and stories about wolves, which killed a coachman, and other horror stories.



But It’s OK, I am sitting without any movement. In order to wake up finally I am sipping Borjomi from the bottle and watching. They are walking around the car and are breathing heavily. And they are champing loudly. Well, I thought that I have to make a photograph of these creatures. They are disturbing me without any shame, so I have nothing to be ashamed. I took the camera. Then I suddenly turned on the headlights and almost blindly pulled the button of the camera …


You cannot imagine how the deer can be fast when they are scared. Of all the shots I’ve taken only these two are sharp and clear. The other shots show only the tails of the animals running away.



I laughed and stepped out of the car to warm up the muscles, walked around the house and discovered that the fog cleared away overnight and it turned out that this house was an additional building of a farm or villa. It was hidden from me by the fog and trees. So, I am scaring the deer here while people are sitting in the warm house and having a tea with cookies. So that is how I began to accustom myself to the Czech classic, especially to the classical music. Because it turned out that this house was an estate (named Villa “Mermaid”) of famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. In my next post I will tell you about this famous composer.

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