Hello again!

The extreme period of the diet is over, but my life will go on and on in so-called “health-nutritious” mode.  Because as I have written here before many times, it is not enough just to lose weight, the important thing is to prevent the weight from re-increasing.

However, I cannot say that this week I was too honest, but I had a reason – it was my birthday J About this event I’ll write in separate paragraph, because the whole week must be described from the beginning.

In general, I tried not to eat sugar, because I didn’t need superfluous carbohydrates. I like tea with sugar, so I had to have it with sugar substitute. I had it at the evenings when I wanted to eat and sometimes at night when I was at the night shift.

I can advise to eat grapefruits (these fruits are considered to be good natural fat burners) for those, who are starving and heroically following the diet. There’s even a special grapefruit diet, but now I have another J But if you eat grapefruit, remember about the alkaline water Borjomi, because it perfectly puts out a heartburn, which is caused by sour fruits.

Many of you (those who probably tried to lose weight with me) are already quite tormented by the diet. I can say to them a phrase that often helped me in times of emotional weakness and stress: «No grub is worth the attractiveness and self-confidence, comrades!!!» 🙂

Here is the menu of the last week. We stopped on the 38th day of a diet.

The 39th day:

Breakfast: a sandwich with rye bread and cheese, cottage cheese — 50 g, and tea with apple.

Dinner: a tomato, a cucumber and boiled fish.

Supper: buckwheat, meat rissole, and a cup of tea (sometimes can I eat like a normal person 🙂

The 40th day:

Breakfast: cup of kefir, an apple and an orange. Of course, mineral water Borjomi to balance the acidity.

Dinner: an omelette of two eggs, one tomato and one cucumber.

Supper: soup with black bread (common soup with chicken with buckwheat).

The 41st day. This day was my birthday:)) So the conclusion is:

Vegetable Salad. Salad (mayonnaise, however, was low-calorie). Fruit salad with cream. Chicken skewer on the grill. Crab salad. Champagne, wine, brandy. Cake! (I’m writing this and blushing with shame).

In general, I hung out and had a good time. And do not shout at me !!!:))))

The 42nd , 43rd and 44th days for me should have been fasting days, especially after my birthday. Here’s how it has happened:

The 42nd day:

Liter of kefir and cottage cheese (350 g) for the whole day. Borjomi was a perfect variant after the hangover.

The 43rd day:

Liter of yogurt and 3 boiled eggs in a day.

The 44th day:

Liter of kefir and greens (lettuce, cucumber).

The 45th day, the fasting days were finished:

Breakfast : one boiled egg, 2 oranges, a cup of coffee without sugar.

Dinner: 8 large prunes,

Supper: boiled egg and an orange.

The thing I wanted to write for a long time is about the specificity of a diet with this … how shall I say, non-standard schedule. Owing to the force of my job, I often have night shifts. Before going to sleep metabolism processes are slower (if you remember), so in the evening is not necessary to eat (at normal mode of the day). The point is, that in fact, you do not need to eat before falling asleep in the morning even when you are after night shift. Because it causes a negative effect on your sleep when your stomach is filled up with food. The mechanism of this case is simple: if you are sleeping while the stomach is working, so the body is not resting, but digesting the food. But this does not mean that you don’t want to eat.

Firstly, there is still hunger, especially when your brain works from dusk to dawn, spending the mental and psychic energy. Secondly, there is still a necessity of eating, otherwise the body will feel uncomfortable.

I chose the following compromise for myself: grapefruits (that I’ve already mentioned), which I eat at night in large quantities, wash them down with Borjomi or tea (or kefir or low in calories yogurt if you are hungry). If you feel the real hunger, you can eat a boiled egg with tea without sugar (we do not need sugar!), greens in unlimited quantities (for example, cucumbers, which consist almost of water and can perfectly fill the space in your stomach), so all low-fat food.

Well, finally, I’m waiting for the applause, because I’ve deserved them! Now my weight is 61 kg. Staying in the same weight after salads, cakes and meat is a real professional and a great will power! Whew!

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