Several generations in succession the bank of mineral water was protected by deputies of the king of Borjomi – The Romanovs. The family of the great princes and princesses with the greatest history ruled in Russia before the Revolution of 1917.

The name of the king usually was not mentioned, but unofficially the throne for many centuries belonged to the House of Romanov. Who else (except a family member) the Emperor Alexander II could trust the Caucasus and a valuable source?

In 1862 the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov comes into own of the subsequent fate of the village Borjomi and the adjoining reserve. Among all places the prince chooses the most beautiful place — Borjomi — and brings family here. In honor of his wife he had built Olgievsky bridge that existed for one hundred years.

During the rule of Mikhail Romanov the large-scale restructuring of the resort begins after the example of well-known Vichy and Carlsbad. Borjomi gorge becomes not just a place with spectacular natural beauty, but also a fashionable resort with excellent service level of the best European spas.

Mikhail does not stop and creates all conditions for studying the amazing properties of water from the source of Borjomi by foremost scientists of Russia.

For self-sustaining of electricity of Borjomi villages by order of Romanov in 1897 a power station had been built in 3000 horsepower. Surprisingly, the power station was working successfully until 1958.

Here after a couple of years glass-factory and timber-processing plant had been constructed, where bottles and boxes for transporting Borjomi being created by hand.

The railway was built to improve communication between Tbilisi and Borjomi. So those, who wish to get to the source, didn’t need to shake no longer for 9 hours in uncomfortable carriage. Also mineral water began to reach to people much faster.

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