Cleanness is a guarantee of health!



So, the announced Experiment #2 is ready or how «smart» washing powders work. Because of the increased interest to my experiments, I decided to devote the experiment #2 to the principle of work of modern (and often expensive) detergents. Obviously in the flow of TV ads you have seen how some particles literally «knock out» the dirt from the cloths. Let’s simulate this process.

For this experiment we will need such devices: laboratory bath (or pretty bowl), «dirt» (for example, pepper), the detergent as a surface-active substance (a piece of common soap) and, of course, Borjomi.


Pour water into the bowl:



Then, cautiously, «pollute» the water surface by pepper. Try to do it carefully to prevent the hit of pepper to your eyes and other mucous membranes. Slowly and beautifully immerse our surface-active substance in the center of “spot” at a depth of at 3-5 mm.



You may see that nothing is happening. But hold your breath and after 1-2 seconds you will see how the particles of “dirt” are literally running away in all directions from the place of dive of the surface-active substance.



By moving the surface-active substance we can drive away all the “dirt” to the edges.



And here’s the video:


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