Water helps us not only to survive, but also to see! Don’t you believe it? Check it out… For this experiment we will need only a bottle of Borjomi and the familiar «bowl» as the laboratory vessel. And also a simple massive nut.


Uncork a bottle of Borjomi (and at first do a little sip to provide the clarity of thought and sight). Now take the lid off the bottle of Borjomi and place the net into it. The heavier the nut, the better.



Put this heavy lid on the bottom of an empty vessel.



Now without touching the construction change the «point of view.» Sit down so that the lid lying on the bottom would not be visible to us over the edge of the bowl. So that the lid would gone (out of view, of course).



Everything is done! Can you see the lid? It is there!





Nobody touched, but the lid has appeared! Now all is clear…

Perhaps, I’ll take another glass of Borjomi …




The lid doesn’t come to the surface. There is a heavy nut in it.

What do you think, why is it happening?


Shall we discuss?

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