What curative properties does Epiphany water have?


On the 19 of January Epiphany is celebrated. This day a festive worship is held in all the churches and the water is consecrated. Although it is believed that water becomes holy not because of the read prayers, but because of special transformations in the Earth’s magnetic field, which also help to saturate with the healing power all the water on the planet: water, which was taken from the hole; water, which was consecrated in the temple; and even water, that was taken from the urban water-supplies. But what do the scientists think about it?

What kind of holiday is that?


The Epiphany of Jesus is celebrated in the honor of the day when Jesus Christ was christened in the Jordan River. Traditionally on this day worship are held in the open reservoirs: ice is cut in the form of the cross on the frozen river or lake, the priest recites a prayer over the ice-hole and put the cross into the water for three times. However, ethnographers argue that this holiday was known and respected by all the Slavs in the pre-Christian era. In those early ancient times people also came to the river, singing ceremonial songs, and plunged into the water because they believed that the water in this period had special properties. Only such water has power to expel all illness and gave a remarkable health.


Is it true, that Epiphany water can heal?


Anyone who has ever visited the Epiphany and took a bottle of holy water, probably noticed that for a long time it remains transparent and free of mold and sludge. So what’s the matter? Maybe it is all because of the silver ions, which disinfect consecrated water? Not for nothing the priests during the service pour water into a silver bowl and dipped into a bowl a silver cross.

But it turns out that the silver ions are not participated. Such opinion has Ukrainian scholars — Professor Couric and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematical Sciences Zhukov from the Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology. During five years they studied the properties of baptismal water, and compared them with the properties of ordinary drinking water.




The Experiment of Ukrainian scientists


During the experiment, scientists took some water samples from the same church well. The first sample was taken in December, the second in early January, and the third in the morning of 19 January, the day of Epiphany. Additionally, the researchers conducted a series of measurements of artificially structured water and water, which was taken from the pump-room.

In order to study the effect of water on the human body, they chose the method of electro-diagnosis, which allows to estimate the energy activity of an organ and organism as a whole. Energy indices of volunteers (who took part in the experiment) were measured on a special device before and after having water. Between the measurements volunteer drank in small sips 150 ml of water. After half an hour measurements were repeated and noted by scientists. So, drinking water drawn from the church well in late December — early January, had no effect on the human body. The same effect had the water from the pump-room. But Epiphany water, which was taken of the same church well in the 19 of January, dramatically increased the activity of bio-energetic body. Moreover, this phenomenon was noted by the scientists from 2003 to 2007. As for artificially structured water: it also increased the energy activity of the human body, but three months after the start of the experiment structured water has lost its healing properties, but Epiphany water kept them for a year!


What secret has baptismal water?


Modern science has not succeeded yet in finding an explanation for the phenomenon of baptismal waters. Although there are several hypotheses, according to which a secret of baptismal water lies in its special structure, which varies because of the influence of Earth’s magnetic field deviating from the norm on the 19th of January. Due to this all the water on the planet is magnetized. Professor Belsky, the Russian experimental physicist, believes that Epiphany water has healing properties because of intense bursts of neutron fluxes, which occur on the eve of Epiphany — 17 to 19 January. According to scientists, during these days the streams of neurons are inexplicably higher than background levels in 100-200 times. But those, who believe in mystique, argue that the Epiphany water is saturated with a special cosmic energy, which falls to Earth at the moment when the planet is on a singular trajectory to the Sun and the Galactic center. During the night of 18 to 19 January Earth lies in outer space in a special way, so that between the center of our planet and the center of the galaxy a sort of energy channel through (from which the cosmic flow and goes) is formed, structuring all the earthly water.


How to cure using baptismal water


It is hard to say which of these hypotheses should be taken on faith. The main thing that Epiphany water really has healing powers that we can use for the benefit of our health. So you should take it inside in the prevention of all diseases (a sip on an empty stomach), and you can wash and scrub the entire body using this water.

Clerics advise to sprinkle food with this water, and during the illness you can use it as a medication (1tablespoon every hour).

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