As a matter of fact advertising involves some exaggeration, the bright over-stress of possible advantages, which softly masks the deficiencies. Is it applicable for water Borjomi?

To check this information out we shall use a magnifying glass and another bottle of Borjomi (btw, it’s time to restock it!).

As in the previous experiment put the nut into the cover (to prevent the coming to the surface of the cover) and put on the bottom of laboratory vessel. In order to provide the comfort of observation attach wire tripod to the convex lens. (to do this the wire from champagne bottles will be suitable )



Put a magnifying glass over the lid make sure that you can see the lid in details.



Without removing the lens, pour Borjomi so that the water will completely cover the lens.


And what do we see? A magnifying glass doesn’t work in water Borjomi!



Borjomi water is true water without exaggeration!





So it’s time to draw a line under the discussing of the experiment #4. To illustrate why the lens does not work in water we will use the schemes of the rays in the lens. Let’s recall, that the light diffuses at different rates in different environments and between the two environments there is the refraction of light rays. It depends on the physical characteristics called the refractive index. So, the rays are refracted so that parallel rays of collecting (magnifying) lens cross at a point focus lens.

This effect allows us to see an enlarged image of the object, which is imaginary because it is located behind the real object.



Pour Borjomi on the lens. Now the rays are refracted at the “air – water”, and there is no lens on the water-glass because of the almost identical values of the refractive index. So we see a real not enlarged picture of lid with such a wonderful sign «Borjomi»!


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