We pass on a gentle dietary regime 🙂

So, my friends, the whole week («diet without dieting” as I called her so) has already passed. Despite the fact that I no longer torment myself like I did before, I’ve lost another kilo … almost 🙂 After the birthday I have had co-called “downtime weight” and it made me think about some kind of a diet that would move the process further and left in peace my exhausted body 🙂 Also I have explored my organism perfectly, and I know that I have the type of protein metabolism, that means that I don’t lose weight eating carbohydrates and sitting on carbohydrate diets, I’m losing weight sitting on protein diet only. And taking into account this fact, I have found such gentle diet. It is called «protein-vitamin». According to the creators of this diet, it is quite bearable and is not harmful. The main conception of this diet is that you have to entirely limit the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. However, “entirely” sounds too loudly, because nothing is absolute, and in every product there is still a little amount of carbohydrates and fats, for example, cheese contains protein as the main component and also fats, carbohydrates and minerals in small amount. In addition, I’ll take the courage to say, that the complete (!) absence of fats negatively affects the female reproductive system (that is why the Internet and the television are full of stories about young girls who are carelessly sitting on the strictest diets, so in consequence of this fact the menstruations stop, etc.). The hormone «estrogen» is produced by the female body only if the body contains at least some fats. The important thing in this diet is to exclude all seasonings and sauces. The main «protagonists» of the diet (protein and vitamins) should be eaten separately.

Important! That means if I eat some fruit / vegetable full of vitamins, then I should not eat protein foods at this moment.

Also the very significant thing is to exclude all alcoholic beverages. I continue to take Borjomi after eating fruits like I did before. The day is divided into 5 meals. This week I felt quite comfortable to eat 5 times a day at work, but I didn’t manage to do it always. If you will try such thing, you should do it according to the situation. Protein foods: meat, eggs, fish, low-calorie curds and similar cheese ( sheep’s milk cheese, for example). Vitamins: raw fruits and cooked vegetables (except potatoes) as you know. We have to exclude bananas, grapes, and persimmons among fruits (I spoke about it at the beginning of the blog: in these fruits there’s a lot of carbohydrates). As for me, I leave a banana in case of cycling, because cycling burns a lot of energy, so in such case banana would be useful and health-giving J

So, here is the list what I have eaten:

The 46th  day of weight loss is divided into 5 meals, so it consists of  breakfast, dinner, supper and 2 snacks in between.

Breakfast: 2 eggs.

Snack 1: grapefruit and Borjomi.

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled beef (or chicken).

Snack 2: 2 apples.

Supper: boiled fish, which was salted against the rules in case not to swell in the morning.

The 47th day is full of vitamins:

Breakfast: a salad of cucumber and a tomato.

Snack 1: one midsized orange plus Borjomi.

Dinner: salad (1 beetroot, 1 carrot, 1 piece of cabbage, one little cucumber and beans) divided into 3 parts (200 grams each part). One of these pieces I have eaten.

Snack 2: an apple.

Supper: cabbage with cucumber, salad. Plus a bit of sunflower oil, but without mayonnaise.  According to the rules, oil is also should be excluded, but without oil it would be disgusting to eat.

The 48th day repeats the menu of 46th (the protein day). 2 eggs, one grapefruit, Borjomi, 200 grams of meat (I took chicken), 2 apples and 200 grams of fish.

The 49th day is purely protein.

Breakfast: cooked chicken (boiled meat ALL)

Snack 1: I missed (I didn’t want to eat because the chicken for breakfast was enough).

Dinner: boiled fish, which was so quickly assimilated by my organism, that after this dinner I began to feel hunger very soon.

Snack 2: a cup of kefir.

Supper: 2 eggs.

The 50th day’s menu is the same as the 46th and the 48th days. Does it make sense to repeat the third time what was in menu? 🙂

The 51st and 52nd days. Do you remember when I wrote about the salad, which was divided into 3 parts? So, I have eaten the other two parts this weekend. How it was:


Breakfast: salad; dinner: a piece of boiled chicken (there were no snacks on Saturday and Sunday), evening: 1 orange and 1 apple.


Breakfast: 200 grams of curds.

Dinner: salad (finished the last part)

Supper: 200 grams of curds.

Honestly, all this time I was not hungry, the diet seemed to me very wonderful and I felt greatly. However, now I’m talking only about physical hunger. I feel almost constantly psychological hunger. I still madly want sweets, smoked foods, roasted and salted food. So, all food, that I like so much and I am not allowed to eat. However, this does not affect my intellectual activity. In fact, there is enough energy for me to think and work.

And now, I would like to close the topic about the cycling finally, because the winter has come. I’ve intended to do so for a long time, because it would be late.

Although, in winter you can cycling too, there is nothing unreal in it. However, my first season has just passed, and you can hardly call me an experienced cyclist. In my case everything is simple: it is much colder outside, so I could catch a cold even being in warm clothes… because of the wind, that blows you off the road. Plus many technical problems concerning the change of rubber, which I’m not ready to decide this time. That is why I stop cycling during the winter season. My friends and I have made a long trip across the Donetsk region in honour to close the season in November. For a person, who is sitting on a diet, this ride was very helpful. Also thanks to the last substantial dinner. I also think that this ride has influenced on the successful disappearance of a kilogram of my weight.

During this trip I ate one «forbidden» banana, because I needed the energy of carbohydrates and potassium, which can be found in bananas in large amount. It also helps to prevent a leg cramp after long physical activity. As you know, leg cramp is not the pleasant thing for me. The “forbidden banana” was washed by tea from a thermos 🙂 in the middle of the road when I felt hungry.

In fact, in such cases is not necessary to eat just bananas, there are plenty of other variants. Oatmeal and cereal in general, walnuts and dark chocolate are rich of carbohydrates. In minutes of sadness and mental weakness is better to eat exactly black chocolate, because it is more healthier than sticks of confectionery. You can also take porridge with you when you are going on a ride, but porridge needs thermo- wrapping.

In general, I ate before going and waited for an hour, because when you leave immediately after eating, you begin to feel sick because of all this different slopes on the road. But all this I say to those, who’ll suddenly try to cycle in the winter. I have had a lot of time to cycle enough before winter. In near future I’ll think about another sport, that I could do in December. Anyway, I’ll move actively, because there is still superfluous weight that I must get rid of before the New Year.

See you next week! 🙂

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