It is believed that red spots are a children’s trouble. Certainly not! Sometimes when you put of the gloves in the cold just for a couple of minutes and voila! There are the cracks on the back of your hands. So it is impossible to wash the dishes during several days, because the skin on your hands is dry and red.

Our hands are really very vulnerable to cold; the skin is thinner than on the face or neck. Also on the back of our hands there is a little amount of the sebaceous glands, so the natural defense is weak. The problem is especially acute for those who got dry skin. But the appearance of red spots can be caused by vitamin deficiency, hormonal disorders, for example, when we become older, the skin on the hands becomes more and more dehydrated, so during the cold season the care of the hands should be particularly careful, because it’s the most reliable prevention of red spots.


Cream will not save


Many women don’t know how to look after their hands properly. Creams, massages, baths, manicures are good, but it’s half the battle. Let me ask you: do you know what is the right way of washing the hands? Forget about the lessons learned from childhood hygiene! You should do in this way: do not skimp on the soap, but use a high quality and preferably liquid. If they are frozen in the cold, never warm hands under running hot water! And always wash your hands with moderate warm water. Finally, very carefully wipe them; even a light wet coating enhances dehydration of the skin.


After each dishwashing nourishing cream should be put. And, of course, it should be done every evening before bedtime. Twice a week use a scrub; it removes the horny layer of dead cells, and then the cream will nourish the skin better.


And finally, skin masks are very useful; they can be made from anything available, but it is better to make them in the salon.


Red spots, go away!

Well, but what it the hands are weather-beaten? In order to get rid of the red spots popular remedies are the most effective.



● At night make the «bath» for hands. Pour into a bowl liter of hot water, add 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil, and put the hands into a bowl for about five minutes. Wipe dry, put rich cream and put on cotton gloves.

● Boil two potatoes, mash them into a puree, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Put warm mass on the back of your hand, put a plastic bag and cover your hands with warm scarf. After 15-20 minutes wash them, dry with a towel and spread fat cream on them.

There are also simpler methods.


● Lightly heat the vegetable oil (preferably olive) and put it on palm using a cotton swab. Put on plastic gloves and then mittens. After half an hour remove and put the cream.

● Mix half a cup of sunflower oil with an ampoule of vitamin A. Rub into the skin of hands 2-3 times a day.

● And the most simplest: every day in the morning and evening rub burdock oil or aloe juice into the skin of the hands.

Frosty slap


1. For half an hour before going out put a barrier cream on the face (it should not contain water);

2. A good foundation can help to «save face».


3. The thick layer of lipstick will protect your lips;

4. Cover your nose with a scarf;

5. If your eyes get red in the cold, you should wear dark glasses and don’t put on the make-up.


Caucasian mineral water will help you to strengthen frost resistance. Drink half a cup of this water for half an hour before meal.


It is important


You have a business meeting, but the hands could be better? This case is easily remedied. Remove the red spots very carefully by using dry brush, rub the skin with vodka and put a foundation.




Hygienic perfumed lipstick can cause allergies. Use only the usual one. Or you can put a few drops of vegetable oil on a soft brush and massage your lips very lightly.

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