Today for the experiment we do not need different scopes and other colliders. How The Beatles sing «All you need is …» paper, glass and water Borjomi.

As the experiment shows, you will need a lot of water. Because you’ll have to become a skilled hand at this experiment. (well, I admit the existence of careful persons, who will be able not to spill a drop during the experiment). Advance preparation will be to transform a sheet of paper from A4 to A5 format by scalping or cutting with a scalpel in two parts.



In the first phase of the experiment pour Borjomi in the glass up to ¼ of its volume.


Further, cover the hole in cup by one sheet of paper, ignoring the bending plane of the sheet.



Press the sheet to the edges of the glass avoiding the gaps (slits). You can also use stickers for fixing or even… punched cards (!) as a tribute to the past of computers. Concentrate, hold your breath and …



… Quickly turn over the glass at 180 ° upside down.



Now it is enough to remove the hand (without moving the sheet) and make sure that water DOESN’T POUR!



For those, you know the spell «PHOTOSHOP» I offer the following



Thus, the water «Borjomi» doesn’t flowing out from the inverted cup, covered with thin paper. Maybe it is not enough water… Being the true «martyrs of science», let’s check up this hypothesis. Fill the glass almost to the brim.



Now repeat the same action with brim-full glass. And you will get the same result!



I recommend you to do the experiment by yourself. At first «raincoat» will be useful.


By the way, it works if you pour a full glass or a quarter. But what will be with a half-full glass?

P. S. Although you can look at it from the other side…

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