«It doesn’t burn in fire and it doesn’t sink in water”



«To pass through fire and water» is a very ancient and international idiom. According to the dictionary of phraseological units in the Russian language (authors — Melerovich, Mokienko), this expression goes back to ancient mythological understanding of fire and water as a cleansing elements.

But we know that the best cleaning thing is «Borjomi»!

And today on the threshold of autumn I wanted to add a little fire in our experiments 🙂


It means that for the next experiment except the traditional set of Borjomi and glass we will need a small piece of ordinary candle.



By the way, we will need cover of the bottle burdened with a nut (from the experiment #3).



We will use it as a platform for the candle. Also I pay your attention to the use of

saucer or shallow dish as laboratory capacity.


Ignite the candle! But of course with maximum caution and faith in the power of science …


Now, modeling the ancient rite of «testing» the fire with water, pour water into a saucer.



If a glass has thick walls, heat it and also heat the air in the glass. This will speed up the process further.


Put the glass directly on a saucer with water. The candle will go out. And it will go out quicker if we use Borjomi. (How do you think, why?)


And at this moment, literally before your eyes, but without your direct influence, the water from the saucer draws into the inverted glass!


It remains only to turn the cup and saucer and get relatively dry saucer and a glass of water!


Video will help us to «animate» and estimate the process.





Now we know how to quickly collect the water in the kitchen, which was accidentally flooded by neighbors from above 🙂


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