Today let us add some “chemicals to algebra”.


For the preparation for the experiment pre-freeze 50 ml of Borjomi. There were no special molds for ice cubes in our laboratory, so we used ordinary beaker, which can be replaced by the faceted glass.


Pour real laboratory water «Borjomi» into a glass!



To avoid the frostbite of sensitive fingers (maybe someone plays a piano or has manicure) put ice from “Borjomi” into “Borjomi’ using tweezers.


What do we see? Ice, of course, is floating on water. By the way, the ice from the Borjomi (even from the sea water) is absolutely fresh (sic!). You can make sure now…


Where is the promised chemistry? – you will ask and you will be absolutely right. It will begin right now. Let’s pour the real scientific water into the beaker.


Borrow a little amount of fragrant kerosene (from primus, the symbol Magpie Village) as the chemical ingredients for today’s experiment and carefully pour it into the glass guiding.


And some more! At the same time remember that the Ministry of Health warns!



Now put down into the mixture our experimental ice cylinder as a model of the iceberg.







Before our eyes the ice falls down quickly. But this fall continues only till water separates from the kerosene, where a block of ice will float until it melts completely.



The series of close-ups confirms it )


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