Every year more and more famous people become the fans of Borjomi. Now when Borjomi sponsoring international games, contests and competitions, Borjomi appears on the table of judges more often, and not only in CIS countries. But what was before?

Do you want to find out what do famous people from different times think about the best mineral water?

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky is a legend of Soviet cinema. Tarkovsky made his films special by masterfully creating cunning psychological moves and bringing into the script his point of view.

«Stalker «, «Solaris», «Boris Godunov», «Andrei Rublev», «Ivan’s Childhood» are the most famous films of director. These movies have brought him many international awards. But in his native country he got only the title of People’s Artist of the RSFSR and the Lenin Prize.

Tarkovsky was not allowed to make films for a long time in the Soviet Union. He was a fugitive in his native country, but on the other hand, he has become a legend among the lovers of intelligent cinema abroad and a subject of admiration of the great film directors like Fellini and Bergman.

Tarkovsky and his son Arseny.

One day he hasn’t returned because of making films in France and Italy as that demanded his soul. He even had to recreate the Soviet landscapes among Italian villages. The last his movies are devoted to different shades of sadness for the native land, where he has received recognition only posthumously.

So how Tarkovsky connected with Borjomi?

«Solaris » by Tarkovsky was marked not only as the remarkable screen production of Stanislaw Lem, but also it has won grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival. This movie is about the first human contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. It was one of the first science-fiction films in the USSR.

Tarkovsky carefully monitored to ensure that all exactly matched the fantastic future. And he has firmly insisted on the bottles of Borjomi in the scene. Even when his team offered him at least to hide the label, Tarkovsky was angry, because he was convinced that Borjomi would be with a man always and everywhere. That is why in the film (which was titled one of the greatest in the history of science fiction cinema) we can see our favorite mineral water, which is worth to be proud of.

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