Yeah, today I have looked through the window and I saw, that it is now May! And today is not even the past July 🙂

Today we are going to use the Borjomi, just Borjomi and nothing but the Borjomi! You can show this experiment to your guests, who do not read this blog and still remain in blissful ignorance concerning the fact, that you have a «power skills» of Snow Queen (or a snowman …).

As you know, an impromptu is good when you have been preparing it for a long time! So we need to prepare in advance.


At first put a few unopened bottles of Borjomi into the evaporator of refrigerator or freezer for 30-45 minutes. The first surprise is that it will not turn into ice!

Your guests and you can make sure, that visually it is impossible to distinguish the bottle of Borjomi (which was taken from the fridge) from those that are packaged.


Well, what strange thing in the fact, that you are holding the bottle through a towel or oven gloves!? Open a bottle and put it on the table.


So the «magic» begins. Declare that you have the skills of an «energy vampire», so you can take the energy from the Borjomi (!) and freeze it instantly. It’s enough to knock a bottle a couple of times or shake it abruptly!


The water will turn to ice!



If you have more pre-chilled bottles, you can repeat this «act»!


P.S. Announcement of the next experiment: the beauty of the electromagnetic field!

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