Quite often I face the fact that some people (mainly girls) understand my words wrongly or they see smth that actually couldn’t be primordially.


So this fact triggered the idea of the next experiment. How can we se smth non-existent?

It is clear that the foundation has to be reliable and time-tested substance. By process of elimination of course, the water «Borjomi» has been chosen!




Thus, the experimental surface is prepared!


Now, try and remember the experiment #1. Let’s sprinkle with metal filings our ground. Metal filings can be reserved in abundance at any turner or you can work with a file for about 10 minutes. You have already known that metal filings do not sink (at least the most of them)!




And now the permanent magnets will act. I hope you have not forgotten from school physics course, that each magnet has two poles, north (N) and south (S).


I used the ring magnets from the core of the old speakers. Dispose the magnets on both sides of the vessel.


Before our eyes we can see how messy shavings are built in a certain pattern. So what is it?


Remember the «tourist» childhood, well, if you did not get to pitch a tent in the pouring rain, then at least the lessons of natural history. The compass is a wonderful device. Anyway, one end of the arrow always points to the North! (Please do not be confused with the North Pole).


In our case each “filing” represents a tiny compass needle and it wants to be located along the magnetic field, generated by a superposition (superposition) of the magnetic field of our magnets.


This is due to the fact that the friction of filings on the water is extremely low, which allows them to rotate freely. You can verify this fact by moving the magnets or the laboratory vessel.


Thus, the small “compasses” in each local point indicate the direction (from S to N) of the magnetic field lines, which (!) actually don’t exist. Yes, yes, yes! This is just an abstraction invented by physicists.


BUT we do see the result of the influence of unrealistic magnetic field lines! As in the example of two diametrically opposite magnets, the action of which is “sewered” by two bolts.


The situation changes when you put the same ring magnet under the bottom of our experimental vessel. Those filings form an entirely different pattern!


And now pour the remaining metal filings.



…And gather them using the same magnet from the top.


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