One of the previous experiments (guess what?) illustrated the law of Pascal. Yes, exactly, the programming language was named in honor of Pascal! In addition, in honor of this outstanding scientist was named a unit of pressure (1 Pa). Thus, the normal atmospheric pressure is considered to be equal to 760 mm Hg, or 101 325 Pa. But why do the skates «cut» the ice? From the other side. So why don’t people make the skates more steady?

These devices will help us to understand the fact:

Washer 5 kg

Wooden ruler

Loop of wire (d = 0,18 mm)

Laboratory tripod with a ring and …

The main element (!): ice from Borjomi




For the experiment Borjomi has frozen in a plastic box-section 20×20 mm. As you can see, the temperature in the laboratory for the experiment did not exceed 12 ° C.



Put loop of wire on the block of ice. Put ice on the ruler (in order to prevent the crash of bar of ice prematurely). Put this whole construction on the ring fixed in a tripod. Suspend the weight on a wire loop (do not forget, only 5 kg).



And now let’s pay only a few minutes of monitoring ongoing process!




Watch carefully! The wire loop literally begins to «pass» through the ice. Faster and faster…

It has remind me about “the passing of D. Copperfield through the Chinese Wall” J As a result, wire «cuts» the block of ice. However, the ice remains safe and sound!


Let’s look more closely …



Indeed, the block is safe and sound. But with enlargement and illumination the “scar” of cutting is seen.



The experiment was repeated on the next day in another laboratory.


The result is seen in the video.

So why is it happening?

Waiting for your version 😉


And here is the «trailer» of the experiment =)



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