Let’s see how «Borjomi» can evacuate the liver 🙂

Nowadays liver evacuating is a very hot topic. After all, if you have liver troubles, so you know not by hearsay about the problems connected with the disease.

It is necessary to protect the liver, that is why doctors recommend to do the liver evacuation. It is an excellent prevention of various diseases. The most common way to clean the liver is to use sorbitol.

Preparation for liver cleaning

But before you start to clean the liver you should evacuate the entire body. To do this you have to eat only raw plant foods during the whole day. Thus, the body will receive all needed nutrients and elimination of toxins and impurities will speed up.

In the evening you should take a warm relaxing bath. You can add aromatic oils, sea salt, etc. to reach better effect. This is necessary in order to speed up blood circulation and to restore the body’s functions needed for the procedure of purification.

The last meal should be no later than 4 hours prior to purification. So the body would not be overloaded with food and it could give all energy on evacuation.

Also you will need cholagogic herbal tea, which should be prepared beforehand. Such broth can be purchased in a pharmacy or you can make it by your own. It will strengthen the effect of sorbitol and will help to take away the toxins.

The procedure of liver cleaning:

After having a bath prepare such sorbitol solution:

• Dissolve 4 tablespoons of medical sugar with a glass of mineral water. It is recommended to use water “Borjomi”.

Lie down on the left side and place a heating pad on his right side. And with slow sips take all solution of sorbitol. After that lie on your left side for 30 minutes. Then have a pre-cooked cholagogic broth. And lie down once again. The broth and the solution of sorbitol will do in about 2 hours, so you could go to the toilet. The slag removing will happen gradually. Most of them will be gone away immediately, but other will remain in intestine. You can wait or you can do the intestine evacuation.

Good luck! =)

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