It’s not a secret that now respiratory infection goes everywhere. At first glance, who fear SARS (acute respiratory viral infection)? SARS can be fatal, but the scariest thing is that it can cause complication (mainly in the heart, blood vessels and nerves). Borjomi would like to share with you some recommendations about the ways of getting rid of the SARS.

Naturally, the best way is to go to doctor, but fun it is quite expensive. So let us see a typical situation where a person is sick at home

In bed. This is one of the most stringent recommendations. This is necessary in order to avoid complications, mainly cardiovascular diseases. Organism is too overloaded with toxins, so do not add physical exercises to it.

Do not trust the various vitamins, bio-additives and other nonsense that improve immunity. We have a lot of questions about the action of these drugs. Do not engage in self-delusion and a waste of money.

If the temperature does not rise above 38, have the illness bravely, but I it is hard for you, you can take fever-reducing. But do not take a lot of medicine, because almost all of them are bad for the liver. If the temperature rises above, contact your doctor, or ask him to designate antibiotics. Unfortunately we must admit that now the unit can cope with the disease without antibiotics. Thanks to antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs about 70% of the planet Earth are still alive.

Drink plenty of fluids, special attention the herbal teas. Of course, the common tea is also nice, but it loads the heart, caffeine, tannin, etc. Certainly, do not drink a lot of beer, coffee, etc. Fluid is necessary for our body, because it removes toxins (that are produced not only in consequence of the impact of bacteria and viruses, but the drugs) with the sweat and urine. Take juices, fruit drinks, mineral water.

Try to stick to a diet, eat less of fried, baked, greasy, salty, and spicy. You should do it because of the overloading of the body. Eat fruits (apples, pears, bananas), yogurts, cheeses. You know that.

It is not necessary after the lowering of temperature to declare that you are healthy and to start a storm of activity. Remember that you are healthy if after the taking of antibiotics and antipyretics 3 days have passed (with a normal temperature).

Protect your loved ones. Not only their nervous system. And make sure that they do not get sick, especially children. Aerate, ionizing and moisturize the air, use the essential oils of conifers, garlic, onion (volatile), wear a mask. Although it does not always help. The best variant is to send children to the grandmother.

So, these are our recommendations. And of course, often visit the doctor, especially if there are complications. And of course, the best thing is not to get sick. Prevention of SARS will save your energy and money.

Do not be ill.

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