Well, only a good gulp of water Borjomi promotes the appearance of fresh ideas. This gulp triggered the idea of the today’s experiment.

The fact: water Borjomi perfectly conducts electric current. But what about the bottle of Borjomi? 🙂


But normal citizens will say that the glass is an insulator! And they will be right…


However, it happens not always. Glass can flow. And we have already seen the electrical conductivity of liquids. Thus, the hypothesis: the glass can conduct electrical current.


To test the hypothesis as a model of the bottle of Borjomi we will take a glass tube. Tightly wound the two spirals of copper wire with diameter of 1.6 mm. The distance between the spirals is 10 mm.



WARNING! Do not attempt to do the experiment at home even if you have such equipment!

In succession connect incandescent lamp (60W), then the first spiral (electrode 1) and the second one (electrode 2). Send a tension on the circuit (220 V).



The lamp doesn’t light. It means that there is no current between electrode 1 to electrode 2.


In order to heat the investigated area between the electrodes we will use an old Bunsen burner.



Look at the video to find out what happens next.





The glass is softened by heating and it gradually starts to pass an electrical current. Moreover, the process can be controlled by applying a mechanical impact on the glass tube. Moreover, from a certain moment current flows along the glass even if you remove the burner!


What thing conducts electricity in the glass? The ions of alkaline metals — sodium (Na) or potassium (K) (which are contained in the glass at normal temperatures in the form of oxides, but when they are heated, they receive «free movement») carry an electric charge.


Water «Borjomi» and glass of bottles of Borjomi can conduct electrical current, so “BORJOMI” IS THE ONLY TRUE ENERGY DRINK!

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