As you probably have known from TV and the Internet: the Czech Republic is covered with snow. Cyclone Jenna also has caused a stir in other European countries, but I do not know the situation in other countries, I can only say that in Prague it caused a communal collapse. Some people think that it is only in the former USSR winter comes every year suddenly and communal services are not ready «in a special way.» I can assure you that it is nonsense. Communal services are identical in every country and they are not ready for winter. So, we have to live in the conditions of such unpreparedness. For example, in my apartment in Prague the water doesn’t freeze, but at the same time it doesn’t look like Miami. But why is it so? All because of “wise” homeowner, who has decided to change some pipes in the heating system in late November.

If I understood the device of the system, I would have told more. But I only know that he took off something old and haven’t installed the new device yet. And here is snow, frost and other natural disasters. Winter has come in the right moment according to the calendar. Who would have thought!

— Do not you worry, gentlemen, — said the homeowner. – I will not take money for heating until the repair is done.

I do not care about money. I am willing to pay just to warm my apartment. Of course, the electric heater saves, but I will not let it work for all day. I don’t want to be poisoned by fumes. And you are saying that fools are different everywhere. Roads are different, but fools are all the same.




By the way, God only knows the situation on the roads now. Since the beginning of snowfall all is “rooted to the ground”. No pass. So Prague now resembles the scenery for the movie «The Day After Tomorrow.» It is like the white silence, which is broken occasionally by the noise of snowplows or by someone walking on the street. In other aspects our neighborhood looks almost deserted. A lot of people have left their cars on the street, so this fact didn’t improve the situation. The town is being cleaned, of course. Like in all decent countries: from the center to the outskirts. So it is possible to walk across the Charles Bridge, but it is almost impossible to get to the airport Ruzyne as well as to fly away. All flights from Prague, as far as I know, were abolished due to the weather conditions. And it is not only the one problem. The trains, buses and trams also were stopped to work. Today these kinds of transport are absent. The most reliable mean of conveyance is subway. Subway doesn’t care about snow: rolls himself under the ground as if nothing had happened. The main task for the passengers is to get through the snowdrifts to the entrance of the station.



Also people were asked not to walk around outside without a reason, because it is cold, and even few people were frozen to death.

According to the meteorologists, it is only the beginning of a great winter. They say it will be even funnier: half a meter of snow during the night and other related entertainment.

I decided to wait out bad weather at home. I have no desire to walk through snowdrifts for forty minutes to the café. I rang all the staff and gave them a day-off due to bad weather. Well, we are not an ambulance or police to work in such weather. But tomorrow if the snowfall stops, we will take the shovels to dig up the café.


But not this day. No adventure. This day I am at home.



P.S. It is a pity that I haven’t bought a ski. The neighbors would have surprised. Such a mess around and I ski.)))

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