Here are some Fascinating Facts about water:


— Water necessity takes the second place after oxygen. Water is necessary for us to live! It is known that human can live up to 6 weeks without food, but only one week without water.

— A chemical compound H2O does not exist in pure form in nature. Water is the universal solvent; it dissolves everything that it meets on the way. For example, enjoying the taste of well water, we are pouring into the organism «compote» whose composition, perhaps, could not be replicated by anyone.


— The most expensive water in the world for sale is in Los Angeles (USA). It costs $90 per liter. According to sellers, this water is perfect for the human’s pH balance and taste. Liquid is sold in special bottles and it is decorated with crystals from Swarovski. This water is popular among the prosperous young people, which can stand in line at the most expensive nightclubs in California to buy it. Among the wishers to purchase exclusive bottles Hollywood stars could be seen too.


— Human during life drinks about 35 tons of water.


— Water can reduce the risk of heart attack, if a man drinks more than five glasses of water a day. However, these properties have only clean water.


— If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages or tea or coffee, you should drink more water. Because kidneys work with full capacity and the risk of dehydration increases.


— There is a lake Tsirknitskoe in Yugoslavia. There the water disappears in the summer and winter, and in the spring it returns with the fish.


— Water is the only substance that exists naturally in three forms: solid (ice), liquid and gaseous form. By the way, only 3% of whole water of the Earth is fresh, but the greater part of the fresh water is contained in a frozen state of the glaciers.


— Writer Griboyedov in one of his works said: «It’s hard to forget the taste of mountain streams of melt water.» It is believed that due to melt water mountaineers can live for so long.


— Some aerated drinks contain harmful chemicals that cause dehydration and do not quench thirst.


— Watermelon is one of the most watery foods. Watermelon consists of 93% of the water.


-About 70 percent of the Earth covered with water. But only 1 percent of this water is suitable for drinking!


— There are about 1330 kinds of water in nature,. They differ in origin (for example: rain, soil, fresh, etc.) and also differ in the number of substances dissolved in it.


— To get rid of overweight American dieticians recommend using the «water» diet, which is becoming increasingly popular in the West. It was found that when there is a shortage of liquid, body starts to send signals to the brain, which is similar to the signals of hunger. As a result people begin to eat, but they need to drink! If you drink every day 2 -2.5 liters of water, you can suppress hunger and reduce the amount of food. But it is necessary to drink water because even tea or coffee contains active substances, which are useless to the diet.


— American scientists found that a regular shower can cause disturbances in the brain. It turns out that inhalation even a small amount of manganese, which is contained in tap water, leads to deviations in the central nervous system.


— There is a lake of ink in Algeria. You can write on paper using water of this lake, and ink will never run dry.


— There is a lake in Antarctica, the water of which is 11 times saltier than the sea and this water freezes only at t -50 C.


— There is about three million cubic kilometers of fresh water on the whole Earth. Every day 1 trillion tons of water evaporates from the earth’s surface.


— If all water in the world (that is contained in various tanks) pour into the open ocean, its level will rise by 3 cm. By the way, in the last 100 years ocean level around the world increases by more than a millimeter per year.


— According to doctors, water helps to improve pressure. And the best way to get rid of edema is to drink plenty of water.


-The human body is 60-70% composed of water, and children’s organism is up to 80%. Five-month embryo consists of water by 94%.


— According to experts, it is enough to drink two glasses of clean water to overcome depression and fatigue.


— Water supplies the nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts) in the cells of the body and carries out waste products. In addition, water is involved in thermoregulation and respiration.


— According to UNESCO, the purest water in the world is in Finland. A study conducted in 122 countries worldwide took into account the quality and quantity of fresh water.


— Nutritionists recommend to have 6-8 glasses of pure water daily. But most people don’t drink enough water and don’t even mention its quality.


— Worldwide 1 billion 100 million people do not have access to water. So you and I are lucky!


— There is flammable water in Azerbaijan! Because of the methane water burns with a blue flame!

— The most dangerous water in the world is in Sicily in one of the lakes. 2 sources of concentrated acid beat from the lake bottom, poisoning the water.


— 1 cubic centimeter of seawater contains 1.5 grams of protein and many other nutrients. Scientists estimated, that the Atlantic Ocean on the nutritional value is estimated at 20 000 crops collected in the year of the entire land.


— Recent experiments have shown that the water charges energy into the food, after that the food particles pass this energy to the body during digestion. It turns out the food without water has absolutely no energy value for the body.


— Nutritionists recommend to drink water in small portions, evenly distributing throughout the day. It would be better if the temperature of beverages will be lower than body temperature (chilled water) or above (hot tea, coffee)!

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