This article is about how to lose weight quickly for spring and to impress the world with your freshness and beauty. During cold weather many people accumulate extra pounds: it is a natural process, because the organism of humans is like organism of animals – it fills the fat layer to keep warm. In order to restore the figure and lose weight during “hibernation” a special spring diet will help. It contains the basis of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

During the winter the body not only accumulate extra pounds, but also lose necessary vitamins, lack of which appears in early spring. After all, everyone familiar with the phenomenon of spring beriberi. The prevention of this problem is another important point of the spring diet.

Losing weight by the spring is very easy; you just have to listen to your body. In the spring the bloom is not only external but also internal. Timid sun looks, caressing tarnished skin, the lungs are filled with fresh air and rich aroma of snowdrops, and the stomach does not require hot fatty food – it he wants something light and juicy. So let’s give him what he asks.

The menu of spring diet


Start your day with a glass of Borjomi. An hour later prepare salad with fresh vegetables or eat low fat cottage cheese with the dill and a few drops of lemon juice. Dine with any vegetable soup without meat, because the basis of an effective way to lose weight by spring is the rejection of meat and fried foods. You can also eat a couple slices of whole-grain dark bread.

As a snack treat yourself with fruits. By the way, fruits can be baked or cooked in a double boiler until they will get the consistency of pudding. Apples, bananas and pears with a little honey will be an excellent dessert and fun treats for your guests.

In the evening you can drink a glass of nonfat yogurt if you will feel hunger. Tea with honey, herbs or acacia perfectly satisfies hunger and nourishes the body with microelements. Do not hesitate to drink sweet black or green tea, just do not add sugar. Limit yourself in the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages, and it is better to discard them for a few weeks.




During the spring diet follow these recommendations:


* Do not fry the vegetables, but bake or cook in a double boiler, enjoying the clean taste with no harmful substances.

* Do not eat thick sauces, mayonnaise or ketchup; replace them with soy sauce, adding it instead of salt in cooked dishes. Experiment with seasonings and herbs.

* Drink plenty of mineral water, green tea and natural juices. When you choose dairy products, limit its fat content.

* Several times a week you can treat yourself with roast or salt fish, but do not eat it with bread: it is better to cook it with vegetables.

* To lose weight by spring it is necessary not to eat sweet pastries, but replace it with a fruit dessert or pure grapefruit, pomegranates and pineapples.

* Always keep dried apricots, prunes, apples and pears on the table for snack.

* Eat more often, but the portions have to be small. The break between meals should be four hours. And remember that an apple is also food, so it is better to eat two fruits, but clearly at a certain time.


Spring diet is not strict, it does not limit you in food and it recommends to eat healthy and vitamin-rich food.


Try to go out more to enjoy the waking up of the nature. Be in motion, enjoy the freshness and richness of all around!

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