One of the most main reasons of the fact, that a lot of people in winter go somewhere (including Prague) is our notorious northern climate. I am not trying to blame foreign country, from which I have come here, but honestly saying, it is hard to find a country with more severe climate than the so-called Slav part of the former Soviet Union.

So I will describe briefly the difference between winter climate of Prague and winter climate of Kiev.

Well, firstly, winter climate in Prague is much softer. Yes, sometimes it is a bit cold, but it cannot compare with the conditions of high humidity, when any heat becomes hotter and the cold – colder.

Secondly, in Prague people care about the state of the streets better than in Kiev, in which «care» about the health of citizens is limited to occasional sprinkling the roads with salt, which has a deleterious effect on the state of winter shoes. In Prague people try to clear melted snow «mess» and consequently, this “mess” doesn’t turn into ice a day later.



The temperature here can be minus 5 and minus 10, but you do not feel it due to normal humidity and fluffy dry snow.


In Prague ice skating (I’ve also heard that it becomes popular in Kiev) and curling are very popular in winter. In general, curling is one of those things that should be tried by all tourists and visitors. But curling is a special kind of sport. Ice skating is much more popular as a fun and profitable as a business. It should be noted that all skating rinks in Prague are covered, but there is Central rink. It is located in the historic district of the city and it is designed specifically for enthusiasts who like to skate in the open air, gazing at the stars.



There are such covered rinks in Prague «Nikolayka» and «Shtvanitsa” (under the same name of the sport complex). But there is also a skating rink named Letňany, to which you could not get by subway, you should take a car. Nearby there is water park for children, where you can swim in the pool immediately after skating on the ice.)


Even in winter you can spend hours walking up and down to the embankment of Vltava taking beautiful pictures from the famous Charles Bridge … Just look here:



I also want to tell you, that there are nice places in Prague, where you can eat. Positive memories of the continuous sale of mulled wine in the streets (it is another reason of the fact that you will not feel cold), of the Czech beer and fantastic kitchen will be guaranteed for you. By the way, beer in the Czech Republic is based on the high-qualitative water. This is its feature. Whatever variety of beer, its foundation will always be the very purest H2O, which is the foundation of a good functioning of the body and the eternal youth of skin (this is my message to the ladies who read my blog:).


For a delicious meal there are always tasty things to drink, even if you fundamentally do not drink alcohol. And do not forget about Borjomi in the morning … especially after the mulled wine in the evening! I do not need to remind, because a vacation in the frame of Czech cuisine contributes to it. You’ll see.



I can tell a lot about Prague and its architecture, but what are my stories to your own impressions? This is a subtle hint that it is better not to come here without a camera J


I can also say that it is much easier to get to Carlsbad from Prague than from other place, so it is worthwhile. Another bonus of staying in Prague is Christmas sales, which can be advantageous for shopping lovers.


In general, Prague is a perfect place for you if you go on winter vacation and there is no good alternative to it. If you are not ruled by «herd feeling», of course 🙂 There is no bad cold; there is only positive white cold 🙂


By the way, my friends. If anyone after this post wanted to go in Prague, it is better to do it now, because in March the weather gets warmer very fast and in the middle of the first spring month it will be about 10 degree above zero. Remember it:)

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