We start to getting used to the different weather anomalies. Here is another anomaly, which is unusual for some regions during the season of cold. How to avoid severe frostbite during cold weather? We suggest you to listen to the recommendations of the main physician of Russia, Director of the Institute of Pulmonology Alexander Chuchalin, outlined in an interview with Interfax.

The main risks of frostbite, according to Academician Chuchalin, are associated with alcohol and cigarettes: “Do not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol when the weather is cold, because you risk getting severe frostbite.” Also the important thing is to keep your feet warm. There is also high risk of so-called «trench foot» of people, who wear narrow shoes, which compresses the surface of the skin. Shoes must be free and have air layer. According to academician, you should also wear wool socks. If you feel a light tingling in extremities, you should come into heated room.

But if you got the light frostbite, you can heal yourself. “When you come into the room be sure to remove clothing, footwear, especially where you feel the presence of moist skin. Put frostbitten area in warm water (but not in hot water) slowly pouring it»- says the academician. In some cases you can use cream.


Main physician of Russia also recommends to eat high-calorific food, because during the cold weather our body loses a lot of energy. “Due to violations of electrolytes and lactic acid in our body metabolism significantly changes. To avoid this, be sure to drink plenty of warm liquid: warm tea with lemon and honey and mineral water.»

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